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Smartling’s translation and language services adapt to the custom experience you demand for your world-wide users. And we work collaboratively in partnership to exceed your expectations for all content types.

Translation Partner

The Way Translation Services Are Delivered is Broken

When the world went digital, language service providers didn’t keep up. The result? Time and money lost.

Smartling has always been digital-first. We understand that our customers require an agile solution to translation. We help businesses of all shapes and sizes turn dated translation workflows into a centralized, unified approach to help global brands reach global consumers.

Translator name Silvan

The Old Way

👻 Unknown Translators
👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 95% Managed by People
🗂 Batched Content to Avoid Minimums
↔️ Different Agencies by Content Type
📩 Communicate by Email
🔎 Relies on Guesswork
📑 Translates Offline with Multiple Vendors
🙀 Reactive

The New Way

👩‍💻 Translators You Know
⚡️ 95% Managed by Software
😅 No Minimums for Translation Jobs
🔀 Different Workflows by Content Type
Slack logo Communicate by Slack
📊 Relies on Data
⛅️ Translates in the Cloud with One Vendor
😸 Proactive

Translator named Nao

Are your translations ready yet?

It’s the question you get asked 100 times a day because release cycles are insanely fast and translation takes time. What are you doing to answer the question in the affirmative?

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Smartling is a Full Service Translation Agency

Smartling’s service delivery model is powered by software and complemented by superusers of the platform. We source translators and subject matter experts based on your specific needs, and are proactively managing your content to accelerate the turnaround time of every project.
Website Translation

Professional Translation

Native language speakers dedicated to your account that know your brand, and translate and edit your content.



Advanced linguists who translate brand content with the intended meaning, style, and tone of the source text rather than the actual words.

Translator Cloud


Professional editors who review machine translated content and translation memory matches to ensure high quality work.


Specialized Translation

Across business verticals and specific types of content, translators with domain expertise are assigned to specific workflows for easy access.


Transcription & Subtitle Translation

Video content is an ever-expanding medium for which we transcribe the audio and create in-language subtitles with video context.


Desktop Publishing

Advanced marketing, product packaging and specially designed content is re-created by translators and graphic designers.


International SEO Management

Keyword management by region is essential for being found online. Smartling identifies these words, and provides options to simplify the process.


Translation Quality Assurance

In-market reviewers thoroughly check the linguistic effectiveness of your content on multiple devices prior to launch.

Smart Match

Linguistic Assets Development

Develop and continuously maintain style guides and glossary on a predetermined schedule based on your preferences.

White Glove

White-Glove Project Management

A dedicated team who maximize every feature in the Smartling platform to accelerate your time to market and proactively resolve unforeseen issues.

Getting Started is Easy

Setting up Smartling to translate all of your content or a defined scope is frictionless because our translators and project managers are already fluent with the platform and CAT Tool. All you need to do is say “Go!”

Setup New Workflows

Smartling will assign linguists to a new account level workflow on your behalf.


Introductory Call with Translators

Hop on a Zoom call with dedicated translators to brief them on your content style.


Continuous Feedback Loop

Manage your translation preferences with positive and constructive reviews of your content.

Why Partner with Smartling Now?

If there’s a time and place to establish a more efficient process that will also cut costs, this is it. Every business has different challenges, but one priority shared by most is managing costs carefully. With Smartling, you can drive your translation costs down without sacrificing quality service.

One Word Minimum

Only pay for what you translate. Even if you authorize just one word.

One Monthly Invoice

Receive one invoice for all locales with detailed insights into translation savings and costs.

One Point of Contact

A dedicated project manager oversees every translator’s schedule and performance so you don’t have to.

Create Words with Meaning

Smartling Language Services provides coverage for all your translation needs (but you can use us for just a single project if you’d like 😉).

language pairs
Communication with translators
faster turnarounds
native speakers
word minimum for translation
on-time guarantee
translator pass rate
overall cost savings
translation quality guarantee

Smartling language services powers translation for the most innovative businesses.

Centralize your translation needs to one vendor: Smartling.