Support Content Translation

Customer service takes on even greater importance when entering foreign markets. Translating support content helps growing businesses provide new customers with access to the answers they need to become long-term users and loyal advocates.


Support Content Supports Growth


Product descriptions, pricing pages, and checkout processes are always among the first assets to be tapped for translation when doing content localization for an international audience. Interested prospects need a clear path to purchase, after all. Once these commercial necessities have been addressed, however, savvy companies start thinking about what content awaits customers on the other side of their initial transaction.

Early adopters in any market will inevitably have questions, and leaving these crucial allies without access to native-language support content raises several risks.

Determined customers might plug source language support content into low-quality online translation tools and receive inaccurate information in return. More typical customers will request assistance over the phone, incrementally increasing support costs in the process. Or, worse yet, some customers will silently fade away with unresolved issues and unfavorable brand perceptions.

Proactively translating support content, by contrast, creates an opportunity for a virtuous cycle.

Eager new customers are empowered to independently solve their confusion or frustration. These increasingly educated customers start enjoying the full benefits of the product or service. Those rewarding interactions then inspire customers to become brand advocates, sharing positive feedback throughout their local network.

As a result, new brands are soon interacting with a steady stream of optimistic, well-informed prospects and customers.


Translate Support Content Faster


Smartling’s translation management platform offers proactive customer service teams the ability to rapidly translate support content with minimal IT involvement. Instead of copying and pasting FAQ sections into spreadsheets that are emailed over to translators, support staff can automatically collect, organize, and distribute content from a cloud-based collaboration environment.

Using Smartling’s Global Delivery Network, companies can quickly localize any web-based support content without waiting months for development teams to make complicated coding adjustments.

Using Smartling’s pre-built CMS connector, Zendesk users can localize articles, sections, categories, and dynamic content with nearly no change to their current workflows.

Lastly, the Smartling API provides companies with the flexibility to engineer their own system for managing and translating support content.


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