Analytics Engine

The Importance of Metrics

Calculating the return on investment for translation is difficult for most organizations. How do you know if your investment in global content and global expansion is delivering the greatest possible return? Just like with any strategic effort, executive management often requests status updates and progress reports in order to ensure the investment is aiding growth. Having tools that enable effective and accurate measurement of translation ROI is of critical importance for business assessment and justification.

What Is Smartling’s Analytics Engine?

Within the Translation Management System, Smartling has developed an Analytics Engine to provide users with real-time access to data through a combination of data visualizations and downloadable reports, all available on-demand and updated in real time. Users of Smartling’s platform can run a variety of reports within an account to:


Collect metrics and glean insights
on components such as platform usage,
user and resource productivity,
and status updates


Gain an overall view of your global
content trends as well as project-
and market-specific insights into your
translation ROI


Evaluate account performance and
calculate overall return on investment

Example of a Total Processed Words report

Key Benefits

Traditionally, translation efforts have been largely manual, and legacy processes provided limited insight into the effect of translation. Smartling’s solution enables you to link global web analytics and translation ROI, so you can monitor all aspects of your account and make real, data driven decisions. Within Smartling’s Translation Management System, Account Owners and Project Managers can leverage the platform to run a variety of reports to collect data and gain holistic visibility.


Holistic visibility into each translation project


View status at account or individual project level


Monitor all aspects of the platform


Collect and aggregate data across the account


Drill down and report out on specific projects

project owners

Account Owners

Subscription Owner
  • Gain visibility across all projects within your account
  • Aggregate data from individual projects into account-wide metrics

project owners

Project Owners

Localization/Marketing Manager
  • Monitor individual aspects of your projects to meet completion
  • Gain insight at the project/resource level for process optimization