Automated Processes

Why Automated Processes Matter

The Global Fluency Platform help brands go multilingual by eliminating 90% of the manual processes associated with translation and localization. Smartling’s agile translation engine allows brands to capture, manage, translate, deliver and optimize their translation content in any language. Companies can multiply their multilingual digital presence in just a matter of weeks using the Global Fluency Platform.

Many brands use marketing automation software and technologies to boost and amplify marketing reach, such as customer relationship management systems, content management systems, content marketing tools, analytics tools, data management, and social media platforms. Without automation, marketers the world over wouldn’t be able to accomplish their goals and objectives due to excessively tedious manual processes.

Many of the tools that marketers use are not specifically designed to help brands reach global markets and global audiences, especially those that might speak other languages. Translation processes traditionally have not been the easiest to automate and can be labor intensive. The main frustration with translation is having to manage the translational of content manually in an array of spreadsheets, word docs, and emails. That simply won’t work in this day and age.

Another pain point that a lot of brands experience is the quality review process. Many marketers find that in manual processes they must serve as the middleman between translation providers, agencies, and internal stakeholders. Because of the time spent on manual processes, many marketers complain that this slows them down, which means delays in launches and releases of new content. Technology and automation can now solve these challenges for brands.

The Global Fluency Platform combines a series of tools that eliminate the need to manage translations in manual formats like spreadsheets, word documents and emails. Through the Global Fluency Platform interface, translators and language service providers can interact directly in a cloud-based environment, thus removing marketers as the middlemen in the quality review process. Smartling’s technology speeds up and automates the process by eliminating all those manual steps that were traditionally used. This makes translation more efficient and more scalable as brands are required by to translate their products, services, marketing collateral, and content into other languages.

The Most Ambitious Brands Use The Global Fluency Platform

Brands using translation software, such as the Global Fluency Platform, are ambitious and have global aspirations. Smartling’s customers are globally minded and multi-culturally minded; these brands use Smartling’s agile translation engine to expand globally and domestically within a given audience, such as Spanish speakers in the United States or French speakers in Canada. These brands are also driven by technology and automation software, understanding the potential for scalability and efficiency that these technologies provide.

Additionally, these brands are driven by the need to go to market with new content and products as fast as possible. Translation is a time-consuming process and is often viewed as a roadblock that gets in the way of achieving business goals due to the amount of time required by traditional manual translation processes. By automating these processes, global brands can go to market faster with more content in more languages, expanding their global reach and business.

The Global Fluency Platform’s automated processes facilitate human translation and provide high quality translated content that global brands need to create native brand experiences faster than ever before.