Business Translation Software

Businesses of all types and sizes are taking advantage of our more connected world to become global. The opportunity to reach new markets and audiences is enormous and expanding. Technology has eliminated many of the hurdles that would have impeded global expansion in the past. Software localization and translation, in particular, can help companies remove the language obstacle and expedite entry into new countries and regions.

Real-Time Transparency

Brands can understand what is going on with project statuses, budgeting, resource availability, and reporting.  A professional translation software, like The Global Fluency Platform, supports human translation, brings structure to the translation process, and makes translation more efficient both during the initial project and over time. The following components give businesses confidence that each translation project will be completed on time and on budget.

Content Collection

Before content can be translated, it must be gathered and stored in a format that can be shared with translators. This is can be one of the most challenging aspects of a translation project. Smartling’s business translation software replaces manual content collection with APIs that connect to your source applications to automatically add content to your project workflow. With Smartling, there’s no need to cut and paste content or track it manually in a spreadsheet. It’s automated and efficient.

In-Context Translation

Businesses using Smartling’s translation software can select the translation resources that work best for them. Most often, professional human translators are chosen to ensure quality. With Smartling’s unique interface, translators are able to see the content they create exactly as it will appear in its final form. This makes it possible for them to consider design and space constraints during the initial pass, eliminating much of the back and forth that is typical with translation projects. A style guide is also available within the interface to ensure compliance with brand guidelines and tone.

Workflow Engine

Smartling’s translation software streamlines the process of content review and approval with an automated workflow engine. Project owners can review the progress of the project on demand. Reviewers, translators, and others providing translation and localization services receive automated alerts when new tasks are ready for action.

Content Delivery

Following translation, review, and approval, content is returned to the content management system or other source system using the same API. This minimizes the required effort and reduces the opportunity for error.

Translation Memory

Translation without out the assistance of translation software is inherently inefficient, as many words and phrases that are used repeatedly in content must be translated over and over again. Smartling uses translation memory, which grows to understand your content over time, eliminating multiple translations of the same phrases and even paragraphs. Using a translation memory database both increases the speed of translation and reduces the cost.

ROI Analysis and Performance Benchmarking

In order to help customers better understand the ROI of each translation project and to benchmark the performance of every translation resource, Smartling provides advanced reports and analytics. Users are able to ensure that performance goals are met and that costs align with expectations and budget.

Ongoing Maintenance

One mistake that brands often make is thinking of their translation project as a one-time event. Because content changes over time, it’s much better to think of translation as an ongoing project that will require maintenance and care. Professional translation software makes this easy because the process of content collection never stops. Each time a change to the source content occurs, the new or revised content is automatically collected and placed into your translation workflow. This ensures that no matter how many languages you support, the most recent content is always available.

Smartling’s translation software serves billions of website page views in more than 100 languages across the globe. We’d love to have the opportunity to discuss how we can use that experience to help further your efforts to expand the reach of your brand.