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Introducing Smartling’s New CAT Tool

Smartling engineers obsess over building software that not only empowers users to translate faster, better, and more cost-effectively, but also delights them with every interaction. Our CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tool — used by thousands of translators, project managers, and account owners every day — represents a critical part of this mission. Featuring a fully redesigned editor experience, enhanced accessibility through keyboard shortcuts and readily available linguistic assets, as well as quality check tools to spot and correct mechanical errors, Smartling’s new translation interface is packed with features that will delight both first-time CAT tool users and power-users familiar with more traditional translation software.


Industry-Leading Visual Context

Automated Quality Measurement

Improved Productivity

Smartling’s new CAT tool is designed to improve the efficiency of your translation resources. With a focus on speed, quality, and control, Smartling’s software gives translators the tools, visibility, and flexibility needed to optimize their work.

Smartling New CAT Tool interface


Extensive, customizable keyboard shortcuts and auto-save features allow you to focus on work, not process.



Enhanced spell check and
real-time quality assurance feature scanning all strings across 35 categories.



New multi-string editor and tag-handling functionality offers more context and greater flexibility.

Designed For All Stakeholders


Account Owners

Rest assured your translators are producing high quality content, reducing review cycles and getting your content to market faster.



Leverage industry-leading tools and features that enable you to work faster while producing top quality work.

Smartling is already helping some of the world’s smartest brands rethink their approach to global content.

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