Cloud-Based Translation Software

Business applications have already moved to the cloud, representing a fundamental shift in the way software is being delivered and used. The transition to the cloud can be seen across the entire business technology landscape—customer relationship management, marketing automation, accounting, analytics, and now, language.

The Challenges of Traditional Translation Software

With traditional translation software, implementations entail high, fixed costs, and take far too long. Your engineers spend weeks or months of their time on a project that doesn’t contribute directly to advancing your core business. And, every time a traditional vendor releases a new version of its software, you have to spend more and repeat the process, disrupting your business. It’s an outdated model.

The Benefits of Modern Translation Software

With Smartling, the headaches of on-premises products are eliminated. Technical teams stay focused on your company’s product roadmap. You can be up and running in days or weeks. Scaling up or down is easy.

Smartling is also geographically distributed, allowing you to provide faraway customers with an experience that’s as fast or faster than that of customers in your home market. With the cloud, there’s no need for you to build additional data centers or worry about keeping them synchronized.

Is data secure in the cloud? Only companies that have PCI DSS Level 1, SSAE 16 SOC 2, and HIPAA security and data protection certifications should be trusted with your data. Smartling has obtained these rigorous certifications that are required of the world’s largest e-commerce and healthcare websites for processing payments and safeguarding patient information.

Hosted On-Premises Translation Software Solutions

Having a cloud product has become popular—so popular that some providers are simply re-branding their on-premises products as cloud products. When evaluating cloud-based products, ask yourself—do they really offer all the benefits of the cloud, like automatic and daily software updates? Or, are they merely legacy on-premises products being hosted by the vendor? Don’t miss out on the benefits that a true cloud-based, continuous deployment company offers your business.