Are you at the point of hiring a localization engineer to join your team? Software businesses know all too well how difficult website translation and app localization projects can be. More often than not, developers are caught in the middle, either hiring a localization engineer, or manually extracting source content from code and databases and inputting translations when ready.

Developers find this work tedious and cumbersome. Project managers dislike it because it always takes longer than everyone’s worst-case estimate. Business leaders get frustrated because it comes at the expense of the product roadmap.

As a software business that values developers’ time and releases updates to customers multiple times every day, Smartling understands how important it is for website translation and mobile app localization to be seamless and fully integrated into your development process.

However, many companies consider hiring a localization engineer, because they simply aren’t aware of the fact that translation software can eliminate the need for internationalization in the first place.

That’s why technology teams at the world’s fastest-moving businesses use Smartling to translate faster, with higher-quality translations, and at lower total cost.

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Smartling makes your job easier by automating the translation process, so that your business can deliver its product to global customers and partners faster and using fewer internal resources.

  • Deliver the highest-quality translations with professional human translation using your translators or Smartling’s partner agencies
  • Use Smartling’s Global Delivery Network to translate your dynamic Web application quickly and easily, with minimal or no coding required
  • Or, use Smartling’s enterprise-grade API to automatically collect your strings, submit them for translation, and return the translated strings directly to you
  • Cost-saving translation memory ensures that you pay to translate each string only once, regardless of the number of times it’s used

Deliver your website and dynamic Web, mobile, and desktop applications to the global market with maximum efficiency. Get started with Smartling’s translation technology today.