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Start Translating Immediately with Smartling’s Pre-Built Integrations

Smartling’s Translation Connectors seamlessly integrate with leading technology platforms, enabling users to easily translate digital content. Agile development demands continuous, responsive translation. With Smartling’s Translation Connectors, content and translation production become one for non-stop, turnkey localization. The Translation Connectors eliminate tedious copying and pasting, and easily integrate with minimal developer support.

Smartling’s solution is a powerful, cloud-based translation software platform that combines business process automation with professional translators, enabling brands to quickly and cost-effectively launch multilingual content.

Content Management Platforms

No matter how you publish content, the need for translation is more urgent than ever. English is no longer the language of the web, with China and India surpassing the US in internet users. Smartling’s Translation Management Platform helps ambitious brands transform how global content is created and consumed. Using Smartling’s pre-built connectors for Adobe Experience Manager, WordPress, Drupal, Contentful, and Sitecore, users can create and manage multilingual content, and localize customer experiences from within their CMS platform.

Adobe Experience Manager
Sitecore Translation Connector
WordPress Translation Connector
Drupal Translation Connector
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Marketing Automation Platforms

You can’t risk quality when translating marketing content. When communicating with your target audience you need speed, accuracy and flexibility, whether translating emails, landing pages or any of your brand messaging. Smartling’s Translation Management Platform provides companies with everything they need to efficiently translate marketing content. Using Smartling’s pre-built connectors for Marketo, HubSpot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Eloqua, marketers can localize their emails, landing pages, forms, snippets, dynamic content and more.

HubSpot Translation Connector
Marketo Translation Connector
Oracle Eloqua Translation Connector
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Translation Connector

eCommerce Platforms

Any retailer with an online presence has access to a global audience. But until brands commit to translating eCommerce websites and apps, they are only able to capitalize on a fraction of that opportunity. Smartling’s Translation Management Platform enables brands to deliver localized shopping experiences to customers around the globe. Using Smartling’s pre-built connectors for popular eCommerce platforms like Demandware and Hybris, users easily create and manage multilingual product catalogs and content pages.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Translation Connector
SAP Hybris Translation Connector

Source Code Repository Platforms

When working with localized content in an agile, continuous deployment environment, it is critical to optimize for translation speed. Smartling’s Translation Management Platform provides companies with the ability to easily localize their source code.Using Smartling’s pre-built connectors for Git and Apache Subversion (SVN) repositories, users can incorporate localized content into their infrastructure without any manual intervention.

GitHub Translation Connector
Git Translation Connector
Subversion Translation Connector

Customer Support Platforms

To answer your customers’ questions, you must speak their language. Smartling offers rapid support translation for customer services teams. Thanks to Smartling’s pre-built Zendesk connector, there’s no-to-low IT involvement. Work with us to localize articles, sections, categories, and dynamic content quickly and cost-effectively.

Smartling gives customers the tools, visibility, and flexibility needed to optimize localization, with a focus on speed, quality, cost, and choice.

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Accelerated time-to-market through automation and integration.

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Tools for linguists to improve quality and a metric for you to measure it.

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Reduced cost through automation and significantly lower per-word fees.

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Use your preferred translators or our on-demand network of professionals.

Smartling already helps some of the world’s smartest brands rethink their approach to global content.

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