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Translate Adobe Experience Manager

Creating a consistent brand experience that engages a global audience is no easy task. Your content needs to not only speak the native language, but adopt the local culture as well. Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) enables the creation and delivery of dynamic and engaging brand experiences across all platforms, but in order to capture customers across the world, AEM users must localize these brand experiences to the meet the growing expectations of a global audience.

As an Adobe Exchange Business partner, Smartling extends Adobe Experience Manager’s native localization architecture for seamless management of the localization process. Smartling’s data-driven technology bridges content production and the translation process, so content can be localized as quickly as it is created. The combination of AEM and Smartling provides users with a powerful solution to automate translation with full visibility and control across the entire organization.

Smartling’s Translation Solutions for Adobe Experience Manager

Smartling’s suite of integration options and robust functionality enable brands to simplify and accelerate digital content translation,
giving them the means to localize and optimize the brand experience for all consumers.

Translation Connector

Smartling’s Translation Connector

A pre-built integration for Adobe Experience Manager

Translation Proxy

Global Delivery Network

Proxy solution for a complex web experience

Key Business Benefits

Always On Brand

Be on brand the first time around. Smartling captures visual context automatically from your Adobe Experience Manager installation. Its industry-leading visual translation interface minimizes translation errors and eliminates the time-consuming and costly back-and-forth for your business.

Speed to Market

Automation and customized workflows eliminate unnecessary human intervention and drastically improve turnaround time, so you can launch localized websites on time, and stay ahead of your competition.

Minimize Developer Involvement

Your developers’ involvement ends with installing and configuring the connector. The process of submitting content to Smartling for translation, and retrieving the completed translations, is entirely in the hands of AEM users.

Integrated Status and Reporting

The connector incorporates translation progress data directly into the Adobe interface, meaning your content creation team doesn’t need to switch between multiple systems in order to have a full picture of your business’s global expansion.

Visibility and Accountability

Smartling provides unprecedented data and visibility into your translation process. Optimize your efforts by getting content in and out on time and knowing where the bottlenecks are.

Omnichannel Solution

Smartling is a comprehensive translation solutions for all your content channels. Along with translating your AEM content, you can use Smartling to translate your mobile apps, marketing emails, customer support content and more.