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Translate Source Code Repository

Translation and localization are known to complicate the development process, causing product owners to choose between not translating, delaying releases or delaying the release of localized assets. More often than not, developers are caught in the middle, extracting source content from code and databases and inputting translations when ready. This additional time and effort comes at the expense of product development.

Smartling’s Source Code Repository Connector enables agile localization to support your agile development needs. Our technology bridges the development and translation processes in order to automate localization with complete visibility and control throughout. Additionally, changes to resource files in the repository are automatically pushed to Smartling and can be downloaded or pushed back directly once translated. Smartling supports the translation of all your GIT and Subversion repositories, including but not limited to:

Smartling Offers Multiple Ways to Translate Your Repository

Smartling’s suite of integration options and robust functionality enable developers to simplify and accelerate digital content translation, 
with minimal impact on development resources.

Translation Connector

Repository Connector

If the codebase is kept in a single code repository, and you have simple conventions for storing and accessing your translated resource files, use Smartling’s repository translation connector.


Smartling API

If your project is complex, exists across multiple repositories or requires different handling for different locales, use the Smartling API to create a custom integration.

Translation Proxy

Global Delivery Network

For complex websites and dynamic web applications, use Smartling’s Global Delivery Network to translate your content without touching your codebase.

“Smartling has an easily proven ROI and reduced time to market for our SaaS application, resulting in higher revenue.”

Ajai Sehgal, CTO, HootSuite (Source: Techvalidate)

Key Benefits

Integration Ready

Smartling’s wide range of integration options enable agile translation for any type of content.

Easily Scalable

Smartling’s scalable solution is ideal for businesses of any size and ambitions of global scale.

Trusted and Secure

Smartling offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee, and SOC 2, PCI DSS Level 1 and HIPAA certifications.

Smartling is helping some of the world’s smartest brands localize their customer experiences