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Key Benefits of the Smartling Translation Connector for Oracle Eloqua

Automated Content Import

Faster Time to Market

Content import is automated, eliminating the need to copy and paste. Once completed, translations are automatically returned to Oracle Eloqua in their original formatting, no rebuilding required.

Translation Memory Integration

Translation Savings

The Translation Memory integration leverages previous translations to boost quality and speed, and maintain consistency, while significantly reducing translation costs. Never pay for the same translation twice.

Translation Connector

Tracking & Visibility

The translation connector offers the ability to measure ROI, manage process efficiencies, and gain visibility into translation turnaround times and costs.

The Translation Connector for Oracle Eloqua is available to Smartling’s Business and Enterprise customers. Simply authorize the Smartling Translation Management Platform to securely connect to your Oracle Eloqua platform, and your content is instantly and automatically imported to Smartling, where you can start translating it immediately. You have the flexibility to translate one piece of content or request bulk translations from the vendor of your choice, and the ability to customize your workflows and monitor translation progress. Once translated, content is automatically exported back to Oracle Eloqua.

Smartling’s Oracle Eloqua Integration

Smartling already helps some of the world’s smartest brands rethink their approach to global content.