The Translation Connector for HubSpot

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Smartling’s integration with HubSpot is easily configured with no developer support required and quickly extends HubSpot with automated capabilities to submit and manage content for translation by your preferred translation vendor. The translation connector is managed from within your Smartling account, so translation vendors can access your content for localization without requiring direct access to HubSpot. This integration will automatically handle the import and export of content, removing the need for copy and paste to manage your localized campaigns.

HubSpot Translation Connector


How Does the Translation Connector for HubSpot Work?


Step 1. Submit content for translation.
Smartling’s powerful platform can handle any Hubspot forms, landing pages, and websites. Access detailed information for every item, including the publication status, when the item was last updated, and a list of current languages. Select your target languages and send to Smartling with one click.

HubSpot Translate Content

Step 2. Translate your content leveraging Global Fluency Platform’s automated processes.
Smartling’s Global Fluency Platform gives you complete transparency into time and cost, with real-time reporting and analytics long before the job is complete, allowing you to analyze process efficiencies and, over time, improve your translation process.

Smartling Global Fluency Platform

Step 3. Monitor and track progress without leaving your Content Management System (CMS).
After content has been submitted, the Smartling Dashboard will display a progress indicator for each language. You have the flexibility to add additional languages, make changes to the content, filter and search content by type and keywords, and check the status of selected items.

Smartling Translation Progress

Step 4. Get a translated content back and publish.
Once the content is translated, reviewed and approved, automatically publish the translations to Hubspot. No copy-paste required, which gives you more time to focus on other tasks at hand.

HubSpot Landing Page


Key Benefits and Capabilities of Smartling’s HubSpot Connector


Faster Time to Market and Significant Cost Savings
Speed up time to market by eliminating 90% of the manual translation and localization processes.

  • Automation
  • Automatic change detection for content updates
  • Translation Memory

Smartling Translation Dashboard

Complete Control and Visibility
Track the status and cost of translation projects, and communicate directly with all stakeholders. Customize translation workflows to streamline, expedite and adapt to changing business requirements.

  • Centralized project management
  • Robust custom workflow engine configurable per language
  • Direct line of communication
  • Issue management tool

Translation Workflows

Flexible Translation Options
Work with professional translators of your choice – including specialty translation agencies, freelance translators, internal employees and more – across all translation projects and target languages.

Professional Translation Options

Analytics, Benchmarks and Insights
Measure and analyze process efficiencies, translation turnaround times and cost.

Translation Platform Reporting