Translation Management System

Automate your brand’s translation efforts with Smartling’s cloud-based translation management platform.

Smartling’s translation management system improves the speed and efficiency of your translation activities. Instead of manually batching content changes and sending files out to your translation providers on a weekly or monthly basis, Smartling’s translation management system collects changes automatically via an API, connector, or upload interface, and places them into your translation workflow immediately and automatically.

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Why Use A Translation Management System?

There are several reasons to use a modern translation management system, such as Smartling’s translation management platform, instead of managing your translation projects in a manual way:

  • Automate the content collection process. Gathering your source content files, making sure they are the right versions, and batching them together is time-consuming when a human does it. A translation management system frees up your staff so that you don’t have to spend any time hunting for files and manually moving things around.
  • Trigger localization workflows automatically. As soon as your content is pulled into the translation management system, translation project participants receive notifications so that translations can begin immediately. There is no need to sit around waiting for a vendor to get back to you to confirm that they accept the project. Once you’ve configured your workflow using a simple drag-and-drop interface, every translation project you do in the future that follows the same pattern can be translated according to the workflow you’ve designed. Learn more about Translation Workflows.
  • Push translated content back where you want it. The translation management system will deliver the files right back to where you want them, so that you don’t have to manually download them and worry about naming them properly and ensuring the latest versions are there.
  • Centralize your multilingual content. Instead of having to manage files yourself, the translation management system does it for you, keeping your files organized and stored securely in the cloud.
  • Repurpose and leverage your translation assets. Once your translation assets are stored in the translation management system as translation memory, you can access your translations again every time you wish. In fact, by taking advantage of your translation database, you can re-apply the same translations when identical content pops up again. Learn more about Translation Memory.

As quickly and seamlessly as the Smartling translation management system captures your source content, it delivers the translated versions to the same place, be it your cloud-based or on-premises code repository or content management system. With a translation management system, there’s no more waiting, no more spreadsheets full of translations, and no more need to copy and paste translations from one place to another.

The Solution: Smartling’s Translation Management Platform

Smartling has helped some of the world’s fastest-growing companies create hundreds of translated websites using our seven-phase website translation system. Breaking the process down into its core elements and adding automation along with easy-to-use translation software helps reduce risk, increase speed, and minimize costs. Here’s how it works.

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Phase 1: Collect Content

Often the most difficult steps of a website translation project is collecting the content to be translated and sharing it with translation resources. Without automation, this can mean countless hours of cutting and pasting and tracking pages in spreadsheets. Don’t bother. The Smartling translation management system automates content collection with its API that talks to your source applications and automatically adds new, source content to your translation workflow.

Phase 2: Translate

You can use your own translation agency or, if you wish, we can connect you with a trusted provider of translation services through our extensive network. Once translation begins, your translator will have access to our translation tools, which let them work in context and see exactly what the content will look like in its final form. This helps them account for design elements and space constraints the first time, saving you the expense and delay of multiple revisions. You can even create style guides and glossaries that guide translators on the tone of content and appropriate terminology, among other things.

Phase 3: Review and Approve

Use our customizable translation workflow to facilitate the review, editing, approval, and tracking of translated content. Reviewers utilize the same in-context tools as translators and receive automated alerts and notifications when actions are required. Project managers can follow the entire process and report at will on the progress of the project.

Phase 4: Return Translated Content

Once the translated content is reviewed and approved, it takes a return trip to your source system, usually a content management system (CMS), once again via Smartling’s API. You don’t need to cut and paste the new content into your environment; it happens easily and automatically.

Phase 5: Learn and Store

Websites are full of repeated words, phrases, and even paragraphs. There’s no need to translate website content over and over again. They will be stored in a translation memory that learns your content over time, eliminating duplication and sharply reducing translation costs and turnaround times.

Phase 6: Measure and Analyze

It’s important that you’re able to prove the success and the return on investment (ROI) of your translated websites. Smartling’s translation management system helps you do that by providing real-time reports and analytics that give you actionable insight into how your content and translation resources are performing.

Phase 7: Maintain

Websites aren’t static. They change and grow all the time. With Smartling, you don’t have to worry about tracking changes or having out of sync websites because we make sure content collection never stops. Each time a change is made, the new content is automatically collected and placed in the translation workflow. This ensures perfect harmony between websites in many languages and relieves you of the effort required to manage every change.

Experience has given Smartling a clear understanding of the phases necessary for a successful website translation project. We’d love to talk about how we can put that experience to work for you and help you expand your global reach as quickly and cost effectively as possible.