Translation Process

If the term “translation process” makes you think of dictionaries, grammar rules, and debates about linguistic details, you’re definitely not alone. However, the translation process does not begin or end with transferring information from one language into another.

When it comes to business translation, different stakeholders need to get content moved from one place to another. For enterprise needs, the translation process isn’t just about language – it’s about delivering the right content to the right audience, at exactly the right time.

While it might surprise you, every business has slightly different needs when it comes to translation processes. Sometimes, companies will have different processes for different content types, countries, or languages. For example, perhaps you have an internal reviewer for Spanish, and a company that you’ve worked with for years for Canadian French, but for Japanese, you consult with a local partner. All of these parties can be part of a single translation project into several languages, leading to many processes within a single company.

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