Agile Translation

What is agile translation?

Time and time again, we see development teams come to us with the same issue: translation and localization wreaking havoc with their development process. Some decide it’s not worth it to translate while others delay releases or allow their localized assets to lag behind by several weeks or even months.

Here are a few key elements of an agile translation process:

  • Preparation and configuration come first. Agile translation takes up-front planning, to ensure that the translation work can happen quickly, unlike a waterfall approach.
  • Small “sprints” of translation instead of long translation cycles. Agile translation makes it easy to accommodate shorter bursts of translation activity, instead of large volumes of text.
  • Easy ability to make changes. Waterfall translation means that changes can be time-consuming.
  • Minimize the barriers and eliminate concrete processes. Agile translation removes layers separating translation stakeholders and keeps processes flexible and easy to change.
  • Encourage collaboration. In an agile translation project, translators, editors, reviewers, and others can all collaborate within the same workspace.

Software businesses know all too well how difficult agile translation can be to achieve. More often than not, developers are caught in the middle, extracting source content from code and databases and inputting translations when ready.

Developers can find this work tedious and cumbersome. Project managers dislike it because it always takes longer than everyone’s worst-case estimate. Executives can get frustrated because it comes at the expense of the product roadmap.

Introducing Agile Translation

As a software business that releases updates to customers multiple times every day, Smartling understands how important it is for your translation software to be seamlessly integrated into your development process. You require agile localization to support your quick-turn, ever-changing needs.

Smartling’s agile translation engine supports agile localization needs. The most innovative software businesses use Smartling to sell to global consumers faster, with higher-quality translations, and at lower total cost. Agile localization is ideal for fast-growing, tech-driven software companies.

Smartling automates the translation and localization process, so that your business can focus on continuous product development.

  • Use Smartling’s Global Delivery Network to translate website content and localize your website and dynamic Web applications with minimal or no coding required
  • Or, use Smartling’s enterprise-grade API to automatically collect your strings, submit them for translation, and return the translated strings directly to you
  • Cost-saving translation memory ensures that you pay to translate each string only once, regardless of the number of platforms for which it’s used
  • Deliver the highest-quality localized experience with professional human translation using your translators or Smartling’s partner agencies

Stop struggling with how to deliver your software to the global market and get back to delivering against your roadmap. Learn more about agile localization. Get started with Smartling today.