Quick Translation

More and more companies seek quick translation due to the need to serve customers across the globe. But translation can be daunting and difficult to achieve on time. Fortunately, translation technology can help you obtain quick translation results and ensure that your content is translated as fast as possible.

Quick Translation through Content Collection

Translation software works to speed up translation starting with rapid content collection. Rather than a time-consuming, manual process of gathering the content to be translated, Smartling uses an API, CMS connector, or platform connector to extract your content for translation using our translation tools. This eliminates the need to cut and paste text into documents and track each document’s progress on a spreadsheet. Not only does this speed up translation when the project begins, it also captures changes to content over time, making sure that your content is always fresh and in sync without the drag of manual management.

Visual Interface Boosts Translator Speed

When content is translated out of context and then put back into the final design, multiple revisions are often required to get the translated text to look just right in its intended final format. This back-and-forth is both slow and expensive. In order to ensure quick translation, Smartling has developed translation tools that allow the translator to work in context and see exactly how it will eventually be delivered. This makes it easy for them to consider design elements and space limitations to increase the chances of a flawless result the first time.

Professional Human Translators

Many businesses are deceived by the notion that machine text translation will speed up translation. This almost always proves to be wrong. Machine translation does not produce the quality results required for customer-facing content. The process of reviewing and correcting it can take much longer and cost more than using professional human translators in the first place. The Smartling solution allows clients to take advantage of their own professional human translators and bilingual employee resources, or connect with our network of trusted translation and localization service partners. Whether you’re needing to translate website content or even an app, making a good decision about which translation and localization services fit the needs of your project up front is critical to a quick turnaround.

Faster Projects with Translation Memory

Although computer translation is usually inadequate, computer memory can be extremely helpful if you want quick translation. Smartling is equipped with translation memory that keeps track of what has already been translated so that work is not repeated over and over again. In fact, it gets smarter each time you translate and the percentage of your content that is matched to translation in memory grows. This improves speed as well as consistency and can result in enormous cost savings.

Customizable Workflows Deliver Quick Translation

Keeping track of the progress of content to be translated and notifying resources when their services are required are essential to ensuring an on-time, quick translation project. Smartling’s managed workflow facilities a smooth process from beginning to end and makes it easy for project managers to detect any potential problems and react quickly. Alerts and notifications ensure that translators, reviewers, and approvers know when they have assigned tasks so that there is no time wasted between activities.

Speed Up the Process with Automated Content Delivery

The same API that collects the content returns it to the target system automatically as soon as it has been translated, reviewed, and approved. This greatly speeds up translation projects by eliminating the manual effort and time required to place text into its intended format.

Companies that size the opportunity to penetrate global markets are rewarded with a fast growing audience of potential customers. To do it quickly, consider deploying Smartling’s translation solution.