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Website Internationalization Challenges

Unfortunately, launching your website into multiple languages has traditionally meant “internationalization”. To internationalize a website or web app, developers go through the entire application to manually extract all textual content—marketing copy, menus, error messages, everything—into what’s called a “strings file.” They follow a similar process for images that include text. Only developers can do it, because it requires significant modifications to the code itself.

That kind of project is painful. Developers find the work tedious and cumbersome. Project and product managers dislike it because it always takes longer than everyone’s worst-case estimate. Business leaders get frustrated because it comes at the expense of the product roadmap and high cost. This time-consuming, complex, and expensive process ultimately results in:

Website Internationalization Length

Lengthy Process

Website internationalization takes months or up to a year of development time

Eliminate Expenses With Smartling GDN


Website internationalization entails expensive re-coding initiatives to support multiple languages

Retain Resources With Smartling GDN

Resource Intensive

Website internationalization diverts internal resource/developer focus away from your roadmap

Smartling Global Delivery Network

Smartling’s translation proxy solution, the Global Delivery Network, eliminates the need to internationalize any code and integrates seamlessly with your existing tech stack. After making a one-time configuration, every page request made by an international user for your localized website (e.g., goes directly to one of Smartling’s fast, secure, and reliable global data centers. Here’s how it works:

Localized Web Page Request

Localized Web Page Request:

After a one-time configuration, a request for your localized website (e.g. goes directly to one of Smartling’s fast, secure, and reliable global data centers.

Source Web Page Request

Source Web Page Request:

The Global Delivery Network makes a request to your servers for the source web page.

Source Web Page Capture

Source Web Page Capture:

The Global Delivery Network receives the web page in the original language.

Localized Page Assembly

Localized Page Assembly:

Every text string and image on the original web page (including static, dynamic, and personalized HTML, JavaScript, and AJAX content) is parsed and replaced with the appropriate translation.

Localized Web Page Delivery

Localized Web Page Delivery:

The result is a fully localized, professionally translated web page. The reconstructed, localized web page is returned directly to the user, in their preferred language.

Smartling’s Global Delivery Network Benefits

Smartling Global Delivery Network eliminates the need to internationalize your code or build a global network of servers to deliver content to faraway customers, becoming the fastest and least expensive way to translate website content and complete website localization projects securely and reliably, with minimal or no coding required.

Website Internationalization Length

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Smartling avoids the need to stand up additional servers, drastically accelerating time-to-market

Eliminate Expenses With Smartling GDN

Eliminate Expenses

Smartling eliminates the need to internationalize any code, eliminating unnecessary website localization costs

Retain Resources With Smartling GDN

Retain Resources

Smartling minimizes tech involvement, so your resources remain uninterrupted

Performance You Can Measure

Smartling Global Delivery Network Speed

Unmatched Speed

Localized page requests are broken down and delivered in approximately 40 milliseconds on average

Smartling Global Delivery Network Reliability

Extreme Reliability

Smartling stands behind GDN delivery with a 99.99% uptime guarantee

Smartling Global Delivery Network Security

Highly Secure

Smartling’s security framework is constantly monitored and certified with PCI DSS Level, SSAE 16 SOC 2, and HIPAA

Smartling is already helping some of the world’s smartest brands rethink their approach to global content translation.

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