Vendor Management

Optimize Your Resources

Having a robust translation management platform is beneficial, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle; translation resources are a critical part of the equation for yielding high quality translated content. Smartling offers Language Services, coupling our best-in-class platform with a network of curated, professional linguists to provide high quality translations. Ultimately, however, Smartling aims to provide customers with complete flexibility to use the provider of their choice. Smartling’s Translation Management System is vendor-agnostic, which means that any translator, agency, or language service provider can access and use our technology to collaborate in real-time. Because our solution is not tied to one translation company, organizations have full flexibility and ownership over their translated content and can change translation providers as business requirements and goals evolve, without putting their content at risk.

Most brands work with multiple agencies and translators to deliver on their content translation goals. Smartling provides full support and assistance to help our customers find the best translation vendors for their specific translation needs, as well as provide robust Vendor Management functionality to manage and optimize those resources within the platform.

Role Management

Rate Management

Vendor Integration

Issue Resolution

Key Business Benefits

Within Smartling’s Translation Management Platform, the Vendor Management toolset offers a suite of features designed to help all users within the platform. Project managers can easily manage user access, assign resources to specific content directly within the platform, as well as gain instant cost estimates for projects that are uploaded into the platform. Additionally, vendors (i.e. translation agencies and freelancers) are provided with tools that maximize productivity and efficiency. Ultimately, Vendor Management aims to maximize project organization, communication, and efficiency, resulting in streamlined, quality translations.

Resource Control

Whether using internal translators or Smartling’s Language Services, ensure appropriate resource allocation and internal stakeholder review

Cost Transparency

Give users the ability to manage rate cards at an individual resource level, and leverage job estimates for total cost transparency

Platform Flexibility

Provide your translation resources with APIs to interface Smartling’s TMS with other platforms, allowing resources to work with their preferred tools

Issue Visibility

Offer translators the ability to engage directly with content owners, minimizing erroneous translations and reducing correction cycles