Vendor Management

Easily Manage Preferred Translation Vendors

Most brands find they need to work with multiple agencies or individual translators to deliver on their content translation goals. Smartling provides full support and assistance to our customers in helping them to find the best translation vendors to suit their needs, as well as the ability to manage those vendors within our platform.

The Global Fluency Platform is vendor-agnostic, which means that any translator, agency, or language service provider can access and use our technology, create multiple workflows, and collaborate together in real time. Because our technology is not tied to one translation company, our brands have full flexibility and ownership over their translated content and can change translation providers as their business requirements and goals evolve without putting their content at risk. Over time, brands may want to bring in more translation vendors or switch entirely to new ones, or they may want an internal department to participate in content translation. The Global Fluency Platform gives our customers this type of control along with the tools to manage multiple vendors and translators.

Vendor management can also impact translation memory. By using Smartling’s vendor-agnostic Global Fluency Platform, our customers have complete ownership over their translation memory without it being tied to one translation agency. This lowers the risk of losing costly translation memory assets in the event a customer decides to switch to a different translation company. At Smartling, we feel our customers should always be in complete control of their translation assets and not risk losing any of it in the event they change their language service provider.

In the Global Fluency Platform dashboard, project managers can easily manage user access, and assign transaltion resources directly within the platform. The Global Fluency Platform is a highly collaborative environment. An easy-to-use Issue feature allows the translation team to communicate directly with project managers and content owners, to ask questions, or to raise concerns regarding the content being translated—all without having to leave the Global Fluency Platform.

For Smartling customers who do not already have a relationship or contract with a language service provider, Smartling’s Translation Services team works tirelessly with our customers to match them with the right vendors and agencies to suit our customer needs and goals.