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Improving Translation Quality Via Dynamic Visual Context

Smartling’s Translation Management System offers Visual Context, giving translators access to tools that provide a true, accurate visual of the content that is being translated, completely in context. When translators are able to see what they are translating as they are translating, they are able to make fast (and correct) linguistic decisions based on where a particular word or sentence lives or how it’s being used. Most importantly, this tool serves to minimize translator guesswork and potential translation errors by providing real-time visuals. As a result, project managers and content owners minimize back-and-forth with translators and eliminate unnecessary review time, thereby reducing associated costs and accelerating time-to-publication.

Key Benefits of Smartling’s Visual Context

Benefits of Visual Context

Translations appear as they would to your audience.

Assists translators in creating a translation that accounts for space limitations, mirroring the length of the source content to the greatest extent possible.

Visual Context Translation

Visual context ensures the best, most appropriate translation.

Allows translators to see exactly how their translations will appear in context, so they can create a translation that works for the specific sentence and use case.


Adjustments can be made in real-time, removing guesswork.

Eliminates the time translators spend researching the possible meanings (and correct use) for source words, promoting faster and higher accuracy translations.

Visual Context…

…At Every Workflow Step

Other providers offer context at the review stage, but by the time a translation reaches review, mistakes have already been made. Smartling’s Translation Management System offers context at every workflow step so that your translators can ensure mistakes are avoided in the first place.


Visual Context Workflow

Smartling Customers Love Using Our Technology

“[Prior to Smartling] mediocre translations were causing tremendous problems for us. Smartling’s translations and the ability to see terms and phrases in context is invaluable.”

Lee Coogan, Senior Director of Enablement Operations, BlackLine Inc.
Source: TechValidate

Smartling already helps some of the world’s smartest brands rethink their approach to global content.

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