Visual Context

What Is Visual Context?

Smartling’s Translation Management System offers Visual Context, giving translators access to tools that provide a true, accurate visual of the content that is being translated. When translators are able to see what they are translating as they are translating, they are able to make fast (and correct) linguistic decisions based on where a particular word or sentence lives, or how it’s being used.

Essentially, this tool serves to minimize translator guesswork and potential translation errors by providing real-time visuals. As a result you will experience less back-and-forth on how things should be translated, ultimately eliminating substantial review time, reducing associated costs, and accelerating time-to-publication.


See translations in context as
they’ll appear to your customers.

Assists translators in creating a translation that accounts for space limitations, mirroring the length of the source content to the greatest extent possible.


Provides context to ensure
the best translation.

Allows translators to see exactly how their translations will appear in context, so they can create a translation that works for the specific use case.


Make adjustments in real time,
removing the guesswork.

Facilitates quality and speed; eliminates the time translators spend researching all the possible meanings (and correct use) for each word.

Key Benefits

Words often have multiple and different meanings, and translations can change depending on linguistic context. Obtaining the linguistically correct translation depends on knowing the context in which the source text appears.


Project Managers

  • Speed up project completion and eliminate embarrassing mistakes
  • Leverage pre-built glossary terms and style guides
  • Maintain ongoing communication with translators



  • Allows translators to translate in-context and get translations right the first time
  • Translation directions and guidelines, history, and prior versions appear alongside work-in-progress
  • Improve productivity by eliminating time-consuming back-and-forth with reviewers

with context

Translating with Visual Context

without context

Translating Without Context