Website Translation Tool

Website Translation ToolSmartling’s advanced website translation tool helps companies capitalize on the growing international appetite for online commerce. Smartling manages the process from beginning to results analysis so that your brand can easily expand its reach across the globe without breaking the bank. Efficiently explore new markets and connect with customers in any language. Our website translation tool is a translation proxy that involves a number of elements to speed the translation process and reduce costs, all while eliminating the headache of manual administration.

Pain-free Content Collection

Unlike solutions that rely on manually batching content changes and sending files for translation on a periodic basis, the Smartling translation tool connects changes to your website automatically using an API or connector. The content is placed into the translation workflow without any manual intervention. Once the content translation is complete, it’s returned to your content management system or code repository automatically. This ensures that no changes are missed and that your localized websites stay in sync without the pain of manual tracking or batch processing.

Integrated Workflow Process Management

The Smartling translation tool includes flexible workflow management so that you can set business rules for translation, review, approval, and delivery. The rules can be adjusted for each language or type of content. Smartling moves your content through the process, providing notifications and alerts to each resource when their attention is required. A personalized dashboard is available to each user who will see information and actions related only to their role. This gives managers real-time visibility into the status of projects, so you know exactly how each participant is performing and can plan website-related campaigns with confidence.

Smartling Cloud-Based Translation Management

Fewer Revisions with Translator Visualization

One of the unique advantages of the Smartling website translator tool is that translators work in context. In other words, they can see how their translated content will appear in the final design and layout as they go. This is important for a few reasons. Space limitations and other layout considerations may help inform word choice or sentence structure. Without context, multiple revisions are often required to get the content just right for the final product. Not so with Smartling. Your translators can now make adjustments as they work, eliminating back and forth revisions and costly delays. What’s more, words often have multiple meanings, tone, and proper uses. Translation without context can lead to embarrassing errors. Smartling gives your translation resources the tools they need to get it right the first time.

Smartling Translator Interface

Improved Consistency

Style guide and glossary functionality is incorporated into Smartling’s translation tool so that you can provide specific direction for special content like product names and slogans. These tools appear in context so they are always available when needed.

Accuracy Review

Translation review is a critical step of the localization process. With Smartling’s translation tool, reviewers also work with the translation visualized in its destination design, so they too get a “what you see is what you get” view of the work. They have access to the translation history and prior versions along with integrated issue resolution.

Self-Learning Translation Memory

Translation memory is critical for reducing the overall cost to translate website content. Smartling keeps track of what’s been translated so that the same work is not repeated again. The translation tool teaches itself and gets smarter over time, increasing the amount of content that is matched to content in the translation memory. While translation agencies often charge additional fees to manage your translation memory, with Smartling it’s included at no additional cost. Avoiding these fees and unnecessary duplicate translation of the same content can save companies 40-80% on translation costs. Smartling outperforms competitive translation memory tools by using advanced algorithms to find even partial matches, reducing costs and turnaround time even more by maximizing reuse of previously translated content.

Because it’s your property, not that of Smartling or a translation agency, you can export your translation memory in industry-standard formats whenever you want and with no additional fees. And because it’s in the cloud, you can access your translation memory from anywhere and it can be utilized for all projects across departments, business units, countries, or the entire company.

Powerful Performance Analytics

In order to understand how your investment in global content is producing a positive return, you must have the ability to measure your translation productivity and efficiency. The Smartling translation tool does this through data visualizations and downloadable reports. They’re always available and updated in real time. You can easily calculate ROI and justify your investment in localized content.

Smartling Translation Analytics

The Smartling website translation tool is the total package for companies looking to penetrate new markets and engage audiences across the globe. It comes complete with all the elements necessary to make your website translation project a success and to ensure continued, profitable performance over time.

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