Rapidly deploy an enterprise-wide solution that meets the specific needs of everyone who contributes to creating and distributing global content within your organization.

Localization isn’t easy

The process of translation is plagued by manual work and coordination risking missed delivery dates, poor and inconsistent quality, and a lack of visibility and accountability, all of which drive high costs and wasted dollars.

…and the challenges are getting worse.

The pace of content creation is accelerating, the number of content platforms is increasing, and release cycles are shortening, combined with the growing need for content in more languages and tighter budgets.

One solution for the entire organization.

As a marketer, I am responsible for acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers by communicating the right messages to our target market.

I need a solution that:

  • Preserves brand consistency, globally
  • Rapidly expands my organization’s global footprint
  • Offers efficient, transparent pricing
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As a localization manager, I am responsible for delivering high-quality translations, on-time and on budget.

I need a solution that:

  • Supports customized workflows for many types of content
  • Automates core processes, enterprise-wide
  • Promotes complete transparency
  • Increases translation quality
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As a tech professional, I am responsible for maintaining tech infrastructure, developing products, and managing development resources.

I need a solution that:

  • Requires minimal integration effort
  • Offers custom implementation options
  • Scales to meet future demands
  • Provides enterprise-grade security and uptime
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As a business leader, I am responsible for driving global growth while controlling costs and limiting risk.

I need a solution that:

  • Addresses my global growth strategy
  • Shapes superior content
  • Demonstrates clear ROI
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