The Translation Platform Executives Endorse

Uniting everyone from business executives to linguistic experts around translation systems and strategies they trust is the key to turning multilingual content into global advantages.


Controlling Translation TCO


Many of the financial fears surrounding localization investments stem from an incomplete understanding of how flexible costs can be and where savings opportunities can be found. Smartling’s translation management platform is designed to promote cost-efficiency via several paths.

First and foremost, Smartling significantly reduces the IT expenditures traditionally required to gather source content and publish translated text. Whereas companies once had to allocate months of developer hours to internationalizing websites and apps ahead of localization projects, Smartling eliminates this step entirely with integration strategies that automate content collection. Our translation proxy solution, CMS connectors, or translation API are all designed to create workflows that minimize the need for IT assistance and encourage business teams to manage translation independently.

As for actual linguistic translation costs, companies often form their estimates by multiplying their source content word count by the per-word translation rate advertised by their Language Service Provider (LSP). The Smartling translation management system encourages clients to find flexibility in both of those figures.


Business Executive

Our platform is vendor agnostic, enabling clients to simultaneously use professional agencies, freelance translators, bilingual colleagues, and machine translation as they see fit. By reserving professional human translation for higher value projects and judiciously assigning less sensitive tasks to non-professional resources, companies can realize significant cost savings. Similarly, translation workflows can be customized to remove review steps for content that does not necessarily merit meticulous editing.


Finally, Smartling’s support for translation memory significantly reduces redundant work. Instead of approaching every text string as entirely new, translators can apply previously approved translations toward similar phrases they encounter in the future. With translation memory matches charged at a reduced percentage of the original rate, some clients have been able to decrease their overall translation expense by as much as 80%.


Supporting Agile Strategies


Digital innovation, continuous improvement, and comprehensive visibility are core values held by many of today’s most successful organizations — including our own. It should comes as no surprise, then, that the Smartling platform is engineered to align with these strategic pillars.

We intimately understand how vital technical talent is to modern business. As a result, our system actively encourages clients to keep their developers away of localization logistics and focused on more valuable projects. By automating the majority of content collection, orchestration, and distribution tasks associated with translation, marketing teams can take their brands global while developers continue fulfilling product roadmaps and improving customer experiences.

The Smartling approach to translation management is also intended to make global marketing feel more manageable. Instead of imposing processes that turn localization into an all-or-none proposition, we provide the flexibility that encourages customers to start small, deliver fast, and sequentially build a lucrative international audience.   

Lastly, executives can confirm all of the previously mentioned benefits by following progress as it happens. Smartling’s cloud-based collaboration environment invites all stakeholders into the same space and makes it easy to view what’s most important to them. Potential hurdles are then proactively flagged, collectively addressed, and quickly resolved.

As a result, executives never need to wonder how localization strategies are advancing.


Protecting Branding Identity



Assuming the business case for multilingual marketing wins executive approval, there is still the question of quality assurance. International expansion plans could do more harm than good if brand reputations are damaged in the process.

Smartling has anticipated these concerns and responded with a variety of features that give translators what they need to succeed. The translation memory feature that delivered significant cost savings yields dividends once again by automatically suggesting previously approved translations that can be applied toward future strings. This powerful linguistic asset should also be accompanied by brand glossaries and style guides that give translators a single source of truth on terminology and tone.

For especially sensitive content, such as legal disclaimers or prominent sales copy, Smartling users can customize translation workflows to include everything from a second set of eyes to an entire task force of subject matter experts and native cultural consultants.


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