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A Global Content Advantage

What separates the companies that move global markets and turn predictable profits with their content from those that struggle to gain traction and ultimately abandon international initiatives? Time and again we see success defined bythe organization’s ability to overcome the stubborn hurdles traditionally associated with translation. Smartling was created to change this stubborn storyline and offer ambitious brands a better translation solution with a focus on accelerating speed to market, improving translation quality, and decreasing overall cost, in order to deliver a true global content advantage.


Manual processes limit agility, causing missed deadlines and forcing delayed launches

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Limited transparency and accountability open the door to misinterpreted messaging and brand damage

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Vendor fees are mysteriously inflated and internal costs are silently accrued — all while budgets are being cut

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Promoting Agile Operations

We understand how vital technical talent is to modern business. As a result, Smartling’s Translation Management Platform and Language Services solutions enable clients to keep focused on strategic projects. By automating content collection, orchestration, and distribution tasks associated with translation, marketing teams can take their brands global while developers continue fulfilling product roadmaps and improving customer experiences.

The Smartling approach to translation management is also intended to make global marketing feel more manageable. Instead of imposing processes that turn localization into an all-or-none proposition, we provide the flexibility that encourages customers to start small, deliver fast, and sequentially build a lucrative international audience.

Lastly, Smartling’s cloud-based collaboration environment invites all stakeholders into the same space making it easy to view what’s most important to them. Potential hurdles are proactively flagged, collectively addressed, and quickly resolved. As a result, executives have complete visibility into how localization strategies are advancing.

Protecting Brand Identity

Assuming the business case for multilingual marketing wins executive approval, there is still the question of quality assurance. International expansion plans could do more harm than good if brand reputations are damaged in the process.

Smartling has anticipated these concerns and responded with a variety of features that give translators what they need to succeed. The translation memory feature that delivers significant cost savings yields dividends once again by automatically suggesting previously approved translations that can be applied toward future strings. This powerful linguistic asset should also be accompanied by brand glossaries and style guides that give translators a single source of truth on terminology and tone.

For especially sensitive content, such as legal disclaimers or prominent sales copy, Smartling users can customize translation workflows to include everything from a second set of eyes to an entire task force of subject matter experts and native cultural consultants.

Smartling is already helping some of the world’s smartest brands rethink their approach to global content.

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“60% of our market opportunity is in non-English speaking countries… having a tool to efficiently manage translation and localization saves us a substantial amount of time and money.  I expect that we are realizing at least a 3x return on our investment with Smartling.”

– CMO, Medium-sized Software Company

Source: TechValidate

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