The Translation Platform Developers Dream About


Smartling transforms translation from a technical nightmare into an automated process that leaves developers free to work on what matters most.


Multiple Integration Options


It’s a story we see often. Business executives decide it’s time to go global, marketers identify their three most urgent opportunities, and developers have the unenviable task of informing everyone how long mobile app and website translation actually takes. Internationalizing code will take months, at a minimum, and nobody is more disappointed about that than the developers themselves.

But what if internationalization wasn’t a prerequisite for localization?

Smartling has turned this hypothesis into a reality with our Global Delivery Network (GDN). After a one-time domain configuration change, this cloud-based translation proxy solution enables localization managers to instantly gather any web-based source content they plan to translate. Similarly, Smartling clients only need to add a single line of application code before they can enjoy the over-the-air updates made possible by our Mobile Delivery Network.

Developer Station

Those aren’t the only onboarding options available, however. Our developers have built out more than a dozen different CMS connectors that bridge our translation management platform with popular tools ranging from WordPress and Zendesk to Marketo and Demandware.

Lastly, our translation API is always available to development teams that want or need a more customized connection between their source content and our platform.


Minimal Maintenance Requirements


Developers rarely have the luxury of leaving localization projects after the initial software implementation step, but that’s exactly the experience Smartling strives to offer. Our cloud-based platform easily scales and consistently provides business teams with the answers they need to manage translation entirely on their own.

Automatic detection of source content updates ensures developers never have to field another request to extract text strings from software code. Over-the-air updates negate the need for app store review submissions. In-context translation and review features radically simplify QA requirements. And as soon as translations are approved for publication, localization teams can push the target text live without any developer assistance.

As a result, multilingual marketing activities can carry on independent of website and mobile app development cycles.


More Innovation Projects


Companies weighing the potential price of website and app localization tend to focus only on the hard costs of linguistic translation and its enabling technologies. Depending on the business, though, the opportunity cost of developer distraction could be a much more significant expense.

Smartling’s ability to limit the developer requirements of localization has made us a preferred translation partner for brands like IHG, Uber, Canary, WeWork, and others that depend on technical innovation to drive business growth.

Instead of allocating time and talent toward pulling source content and publishing website updates, we would much rather see our clients pursuing ambitious product roadmaps and creating remarkable customer experiences.


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