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Smartling helps localization managers break complex projects into predictable processes that deliver superior translations and satisfy key stakeholders.


Centralized & Simplified


Gathering files, soliciting quotes, managing vendors, tracking translations, facilitating collaboration, reporting progress, and coordinating publication are just a few of the tasks localization managers must address on the path to project completion. With so many items competing for their attention, even the most diligent professionals will struggle to satisfy their objectives when spreadsheets and email are the only tools at their disposal.  

Smartling grants localization managers both balance and perspective by bringing everything into a single, cloud-based collaboration space. Our translation management system enables clients to centrally store source content, manage multiple vendors, monitor translation progress, and communicate across departments.

In addition to helping localization managers retain their sanity, this centralized approach is sure to please stakeholders up and down the chain of command. Translators and reviewers appreciate the efficiency of instant collaboration while executives enjoy the power of transparent progress tracking.


Customized & Clarified


International Flags

Pushing diverse content through a single, standardized translation process is a surefire way to increase expenses, errors, or both. Smartling promotes quality and efficiency by giving localization managers the freedom to customize workflows according to the content they’re managing.

Localization managers could strip review processes down to a single step for product descriptions, or assign an interdisciplinary task force of subject matter experts to analyze medical documents. That way, complex content receives the rigorous review it deserves and simple items don’t drain unnecessary resources.

Smartling clients also enjoy flexibility when it comes to translation fulfillment options. Localization managers can assign agency partners or freelance professionals to their most demanding projects while simultaneously recruiting bilingual colleagues and leveraging machine translation to address the less essential portions of their content library. 

Once these repeatable, rule-based processes are in place, localization team responsibilities become crystal clear and managers feel confident that resources are being allocated efficiently.


Automated & Accelerated


Simplicity and clarity will be welcome additions to any localization team, but after initial confusion has been cleared the new mandate is executing at scale. That’s when the Smartling advantage truly shines.

Our commitment to process automation effectively eliminates 90% of the manual effort associated with translation management.

Instead of waiting months for developers to extract text from software code, localization managers can automatically pull source content into the translation environment via our translation proxy solution, CMS connectors, or translation API. From there, translation memory significantly reduces redundant work while automated workflow triggers keep pushing projects closer to completion.

When localization managers finally have the approved translations in hand, they can instantly update their website or application by sending target text across the same channels that originally brought source content into Smartling’s translation management system.


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