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A Platform That Streamlines Localization

Traditional processes have convinced experienced marketers that translation is slow and complex. For the unencumbered, scope, process, and execution can be unclear or lost. In either case, the truth is that strategic translation enables international expansion by giving marketers a platform to introduce their brand to a global audience and tap into new markets. Smartling built its Translation Management Platform to alleviate the tedious challenges of traditional translation, enabling marketers to streamline localization efforts and directly influence business growth.


Speed to market is the primary objective, but traditional processes have delayed prior launches. You now require an automated solution to help accelerate translation as your content pipeline grows.

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As content grows, the variables compound. The process to manage and deliver a consistent, unified message for multiple languages, locales, and devices has become time consuming and complex.

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Blinded by a convoluted process, marketers are left trying to execute on a global strategy (and measure the return on investment) without proper transparency into performance or visibility into cost.

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Smartling built its Translation Management Platform to give brand managers the power to broadcast their message and reap the rewards. With a focus on automation, simplicity, and visibility, Smartling makes it easier for global marketers to deliver the translation outcomes they care about without getting lost in the tedious tasks they don’t.

Automation to Get to Market Faster

Industry leaders are starting to see foreign markets as their ticket to continuous business growth, but it won’t be long before their competition adopts a similar perspective. Building a global audience, then, becomes heavily dependent on how fast marketers can relay relevant brand messages to local customers.

Smartling accelerates localization initiatives by dramatically reducing the IT complexities and manual processes marketers must navigate. Instead of waiting months for developers to dig through software code and isolate the desired text, strings can be automatically collected and instantly routed for translation. Our translation proxy solution, CMS connectors, and translation API form the digital bridges required to access marketing content from wherever it originates.

Next, Smartling’s Translation Management System eliminates the trap of endless spreadsheet and email exchanges by bringing all content and collaborators into a single, cloud-based environment. Additional efficiencies can then be gained by customizing workflows for different content types, providing translators with visual context, and leveraging translation memory.

Once translations are complete, target text can be published as quickly as the source text was gathered — with no developer assistance required. As a result, marketers can feel significantly more confident about their ability to publish multilingual content at scale and keep it continuously updated.

Simplicity to Control Your Brand Identity

Speed is of little value if it comes at the expense of quality and consistency. And as global marketing plans continue to expand, balancing those last two objectives becomes an even greater challenge.

Smartling anticipates these growing pains and provides marketers with a range of quality control features. Our Translation Management Platform centrally stores the latest version of glossaries and style guides, helping translator teams speak in the same voice across every project and language. And translation memory takes these consistency measures a step further by automatically recommending previously approved translations that translators can reference when working on similar strings.

From a procedural perspective, marketers can adjust workflows to include additional review steps for particularly complex or sensitive content. Within these workflows, collaborators can also communicate directly with one another to quickly clear up any inconsistencies or misunderstandings.

As a result, translation teams begin each job with the resources they need to get it right the first time and the space to create collaborative solutions.

Smartling is already helping some of the world’s smartest brands rethink their approach to global content translation.

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“Smartling’s platform is robust and easy to use, simplifying project management for localization managers and delivering a smooth translation process for translation resources.”

- Yukio Noda, Sr. Localization Project Manager, Flipagram

Source: TechValidate