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Free Your Translation Updates from your App’s Release Cycles.

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Localizing mobile apps is challenging because updating translations depends on making code changes and releasing new versions of the app. This forces mobile companies and developers to choose between releasing apps on time with incomplete or incorrect translations, or delaying releases until translations are complete. Smartling’s Mobile Delivery Network, an over-the-air update service, breaks this dependency. After including Smartling’s SDK in your code, your app will regularly check Smartling’s servers for updated translations and immediately display them to your users. With Smartling, never miss a release date because of translation, or have your users be stuck with a bad translation, again.

Delivering Localized App Content Isn’t Easy

Adding a New Language, Modifying Translation or Editing Content Can Take Weeks to go Live

Option 1

Delay launches or code updates


Option 2

Risk poor translation quality
or delayed delivery


Option 3

Don’t localize 
your app at all

Smartling frees your translation updates from your App’s release cycles. With the Mobile Delivery Network, new and updated translations are delivered to your app through Smartling’s over-the-air service, which means end users see translation updates as soon as they’re completed—no waiting for app updates required. Meanwhile, developers can focus on advancing app functionality without worrying about translation. Smartling’s technology brings it all together.

Accelerate Time to Market

Get Your Latest Localized Content to Users Faster

Bypass time consuming
app review process.

Avoid resubmitting app
for language updates.

Instantly deliver translations
directly to users.

Free up developers’ time
for other priorities.

Smartling is already helping some of the world’s smartest brands rethink their approach to mobile content.

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