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In many parts of the world, mobile is the only way to engage with customers. Fully localized mobile apps lead to more downloads, more customers and more purchases. However, for most companies, mobile app localization is a time-consuming and complicated process. Every change to an iOS or Android app typically requires an app store review, which can take weeks to complete. Simply adding a new language, or modifying a single word of translation, often requires weeks to reach a global audience. In today’s fast-moving mobile world, this is not acceptable.

Smartling’s end-to-end mobile app localization solution provides automatic mobile context creation, intuitive in-app review, and enables over-the-air content updates. With Smartling’s technology, companies will have the ability to easily capture all the nuance and character of the content in their mobile applications, so they look and feel local to global audiences. No other app localization solution on the market offers a comprehensive set of interfaces for translating and performing QA on a mobile app, in-context, directly within the app and on the actual device.

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