What can we help you translate?

The Smartling platform provides the most powerful software solution in the world for managing translation and localization projects. For website translation and beyond, discover how we can help make all of your digital content truly multilingual.


Nine out of 10 Internet users said that, when possible, they always visit a website in their own language. Wow, website translation just moved to the top of the ‘to do list’.

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Localizing mobile application text results in 128% more downloads and 26% more revenue per country, within just one week. Looks like mobile app translation equals some serious cha-ching.

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72.4% of consumers said they’re more likely to buy a product with information in their own language. That means business document translation is no joke. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

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Translating your entire digital ecosystem? No problem. Our software does the heavy lifting to give you peace of mind and make your dreams come true (yeah, it’s that good).

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“Time to market for the launch of our first language—Dutch—
was only six weeks from signing with Smartling. After launch, our
increased traffic and new subscriber sign-ups offset Smartling’s
monthly platform costs almost immediately.”

VP of Internationalization, Survey Monkey

“Smartling allows us to communicate quickly and efficiently on a global scale. This is essential as we’re conversing with highly engaged fan bases worldwide and to customers that want to buy NOW”

eCommerce Operations, Sony/GENERATOR

“With Smartling, our developers don’t need to worry about building new websites to host the translations. Smartling’s platform handles content extraction and global delivery, so our developers can focus on developing MeetMe’s core offerings.”

CTO, MeetMe

“Smartling helped us meet a very aggressive goal to launch four localized sites in just under two months. Their solution provided us with the technology and expertise to help us build a global presence in our core markets and provide a better customer experience.”

Marketing Director, Kionix

“Smartling has been an excellent partner as we have expanded our platform to serve our global customers in nine additional languages. Providing content to our customers in their native language builds a sense of cultural relevancy and trust over time, in addition to helping them realize their goals with us more quickly. We are excited to continue working with Smartling as we grow our website optimization offerings internationally.”

The Optimizely Team

“Since Tuenti is available in 12 different languages and platforms, we need a reliable system to localize our service. Our largest user base is in Spain where there are four official languages so it’s extremely important to make our service available in each native tongue. What good would our network be if users couldn’t “connect” with it? Smartling makes it easy to manage our content and work seamlessly with both our freelance translators and in-house team in Madrid.”

The Tuenti Team

What can we help you translate?