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Decoding Translation Invoices: What Did You Just Pay For?

The subtotal sitting at the bottom of your translation invoice masks a much larger story.

Your Translation Is Ready, But Is The Quality Any Good?

Finally. The first welcome email to arrive in your inbox all afternoon. Your translations have returned from the agency and...

Vetting Translation Vendors: 3 Places to Push For Transparency

The pilot was working on two hours of sleep. It was his first officer’s first transatlantic flight. And despite one...

The Data Deficit Crippling Translation Management

In today's era of transformative technology, the benchmark for data insights and accurate reporting is ever-growing. But traditional processes and...

Know The Translation Type You Need (Before Vendors Tell You)

You wouldn’t start a car buying process by walking into a dealership and asking the nearest salesman for a recommendation....

Follow These Keys For a Scalable Translation Strategy

“How far behind schedule, exactly?”

Smartling’s CEO Jack Welde in Think Tank by Adobe

Jack Welde, CEO of Smartling joins Adobe's Think Tank to discuss how he is helping brands speak to their customers...

Want to Reduce Review? Help Your Translators Help You

Translation review has earned a reputation as a necessary evil. Necessary in the sense that skipping it would feel like...

The InterContinental Hotels Group + Smartling Story

Learn how InterContinental Hotels Group used Smartling's cloud-based translation management platform to develop strong direct channels and building lifetime relationships...

5 Benefits to Consider When Measuring ROI of Translation Technology

Coordinating large-scale translation strategies with nothing more than spreadsheets and emails is a bit like eating spaghetti with a knife...

Four Trends Driving the Need for Global Content Strategy

It would be nice to hop into a time machine and take a look into the future to help us...

Settle These Debates Early For a Tighter Localization Team

Debate is healthy. At its best, it changes minds and inspires progress. And at its worst, it still leaves participants...

How Localization Managers Can Keep The Whole Team Happy

Localization teams can arrive at unhappiness by an infinite number of paths. Most often it’s missed deadlines, quality doubts, or...

Find Your Localization Leader: 4 Traits of Great Candidates

Who handles hiring? Who owns sales? Who leads localization?

5 Annoying Questions Avoided With Translation Workflow Automation

There may be no such thing as a stupid question, but there are certainly some that drain our patience faster...

Introducing Smartling’s New CAT Tool

Smartling engineers obsess over building software that not only empowers users to translate faster, better, and more cost-effectively, but delights...

The Data Deficit Crippling Translation Management (Pt. 3)

While data describing translation speed and translation quality must be proactively sought, data describing translation cost will come to you...

The Data Deficit Crippling Translation Management (Pt. 2)

How do you verify the quality of content written in a language you do not speak? That’s one riddle the...

The Data Deficit Crippling Translation Management (Pt. 1)

Speed seems like the easiest translation metric to understand. Unlike quality or cost, you don’t need linguistic or financial fluency...

Smartling In Numbers

View this infographic and see how Smartling is helping leading brands across many verticals optimize translation management.

Total Economic Impact Study

Examine Smartling's potential return on investment through a study conducted by Forrester.

The Smartling Translation Management Platform

Enabling brands to quickly and cost-effectively launch their multilingual websites with minimal IT involvement. Download the product brief to learn...

Smartling Mobile App Localization Solution

Smartling’s Mobile Delivery Network simplifies and accelerates the app localization process, enabling you to reach your global audience quicker.

Success Story: Hootsuite

Hootsuite needed quality assurance when it came to translating their digital source content and soon realized that replacing its manual...

Agile Development Puts Translation Speed to the Test

“Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.”

7 Symptoms of a Broken Translation Process

If you don't know the answer to that question, or silently suspect the worst, there's no need to feel discouraged....

Solve Content Sprawl With Smarter Translation Technology

American veterans returned from World War II with big dreams for starting big families — and enterprising real estate developers...

3 Ways Adding Languages Will Test Your Translation Strategy

The simultaneous sense of joy and relief that comes from launching your first localized website tends to paper over any...

How Much Content Can Your Translation Process Tolerate?

“Half of marketers have more digital content than they can effectively manage.”

Smartling Overview

In today’s digital world, it is more important than ever for global brands to cater to an international audience. The...

The Adobe + Smartling Partnership

Adobe's Irina Guseva, Cody Crnkovich and Mathias Siegel talk about how Smartling enhances the value realization of Adobe Experience Manager.

Product Brief - Quality Evaluation with DQF

Smartling's newest reporting functionality, Quality Evaluation with DQF is a complete measure of translation quality...

Smartling + Lilt

Smartling's Adaptive Machine Translation is an integrated approach that combines human translations with machine learning to dramatically improve the quality...

Product Brief - Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector

Expand your eCommerce footprint into new markets with Smartling and Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Product Brief - Drupal Connector

Launch global customer experiences with localized Drupal websites

Smartling Global Delivery Network

70% of B2B and 73% of B2C companies expect to produce more original content.

Product Brief - Hubspot Connector

Localize Hubspot content with a simple, seamless platform integration

Product Brief - Sitecore Connector

Enhance the global customer experience with localized Sitecore websites

Product Brief - Hybris Connector

Expand your eCommerce footprint into new markets with Smartling

Product Brief - Zendesk Connector

Build better customer relationships with localized support content

Product Brief - Source Code Repository Connector

Agile content localization for your Source Code Repository

Smartling Language Services

Backed by a community of professional translators curated across 150 language pairs and 50 industry verticals, Smartling Language Services is...

Success Story: Canary

Canary wanted to go global fast, but its engineering team had to remain committed to releasing product updates every 2...

Translation Proxy: What,Why,How

Translation Proxy: What,Why,How

Smartling's Road to Translation Excellence

Whether you're a small company looking for a way to automate your translations or an internationally-recognized brand with content localized...

Product Brief - Oracle Eloqua Connector

Localize Oracle Eloqua content with a simple, seamless platform integration

2016 Global Marketing Imperatives

More than 70% of B2B and B2C brands are using content marketing to target their customers. As brands start reaching...

5 Trends Shaping the Future of Global Marketing

Learn about the changes in the global landscape that are impacting businesses today.

The Future of Global eCommerce

How retail brands are tailoring content and experiences to international audiences.

Translation Strategy Is Growth Strategy

Download this whitepaper and learn how to achieve a dominant global position through a streamlined approach to publishing global content.

Success Story: Vimeo

Discover how this New York-based video-sharing platform expanded into international markets through improved translation processes

Your Brand Fluent in Every Language?

Maintaining global fluency across all your content allows brands to resonate with buyers in any market. Download this whitepaper to...

Success Story: Dashlane

How Dashlane reshaped its translation strategy, found a global following, and won a 4x spike in active users.

Smartling Connector: Marketo

Smartling's integration with Marketo helps brands deliver consistent online experiences across to global audiences around the world

Product Brief - Wordpress Connector

Deliver global customer experiences with localized Wordpress websites

Multimedia Localization Solution

The availability of your resource library to international audiences needs to extend beyond blog posts and support content. Video and...

Product Brief - Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector

Localize Salesforce Marketing Cloud content with a simple, seamless platform integration

Product Brief: Jobs Management

Providing users of Smartling's Translation Management System with the ability to organize and prioritize content for translation.

Product Brief: Linguistic Asset Management

92% of customers say Smartling's Translation Management System has helped to improve their translation accuracy.

Success Story: Foursquare

Made up of the community of over 55 million people, Foursquare was in need of expanding beyond U.S. borders. It...

Success Story: SurveyMonkey

After successfully making its mark in the US as a leading San Francisco-based web survey company, SurveyMonkey realized its full...

Success Story: NiceLabel

As a leading developer of barcode and RFID labeling software, NiceLabel had a larger product portfolio than its marketing and...

How to Optimize Mobile App Localization

View this infographic to uncover five steps toward building a stronger mobile app experience for multilingual users around the globe.

Smartling's Road to Translation Excellence

View this infographic and identify where your translation process lies on the road toward stronger global reach.

Global Ready Success Kit

Download the Global Ready Success Kit

Your Multilingual Global Audience Needs You to Speak Their Language

When it comes to global expansion, retail brands prioritize consistent messaging above all. Multilingual content offered on all communication channels...

5 Reasons International Marketing Matters to Your Brand

Now that the Internet has become a global phenomenon, there are infinite opportunities for businesses to reach its goals across...

21 Tips and Tricks for Improving your Translation Efficiency

With these tips and best practices from experts in the field, your next translation and localization project will run smoother...

Global Business Guide: Creating an Optimal User Experience for Global Website Visitors

To compete in global markets, your website must extend beyond geographic and cultural borders. Download this whitepaper to learn 5...

10 Ways To Measure Translation ROI

To effectively measure ROI and the revenue-generating gains from your online and mobile translation investments, it's important to remember to...

Native Brand Experiences: What, Why, Who, Where, When and How

Native brand experiences resonate with buyers and customers in any language, all cultures, and every market. Smartling works with aspirational...

Globalizing and Localizing your Content Strategy

Panelists include experts from Adobe Experience Manager and Smartling.

Powering Loyalty Anywhere and Revenue Everywhere with Technology

Panelists include experts from EyeForTravel, Hilton, HotelTonight & Smartling.

Multilingual Content Strategies that Improve Global Acquisition Rates

Featuring Joe Pullizi, founder of Content Marketing World and Judd Marcelo, VP of Marketing at Smartling.

Enterprise B2B Software Use Case

According to a report by a leading market research firm, 74% of businesses prefer to make their purchasing decisions online....

Success Story: InterContinental Hotels Group

With online and mobile content published in over a dozen languages, this global operations company pursued agile translation for localization...

Success Story: Rhapsody

With a need to reduce its costly project management fees and adopt a technology that could unite its editors, reviewers,...

Success Story: Hotel Tonight

After producing the popular mobile travel app, the team at Hotel Tonight realized they needed a means of achieving faster...

International Airline Use Case

Today's travel sector is growing as rapidly as it is progressively moving online. Travel companies face obstacles when employing a...

Success Story: Shinola | Detroit

Shinola, a modern manufacturer of classic high-end watches, leather goods, and bicycles coordinated the efforts of its new international website...

Success Story: Pinterest

As a widely used content-sharing service, Pinterest prioritizes the international experience for its 100 million users across the globe. The...

Success Story: Vivino

Founded in Copenhagen in 2010, the Vivino wine app offers an easy and fast way to discover and share users'...

Product Brief: Workflow Engine

67% of Smartling customers say legacy processes are too manual and time-consuming.

Smartling Connector: Adobe Experience Manager

Smartling's integration with Adobe Experience Manager helps brands deliver consistent online experiences across to global audiences around the world. Download...

In-Context Translation and Review

Smartling's In-Context Translation and Review toolsets allow global brands to prevent errors and ambiguities from appearing in their online and...

Product Brief: Translation Memory

Smartling's Translation Memory toolset allows global brands to speed up their translation work, keeping their translations consistent over time, and...

Smartling's Mobile App Localization Solution

According to eMarketer, there will be $245 billion worth of commerce transactions happening on mobile in the US alone by...

Smartling and Translation Quality

Smartling's visual context interface, style guides and other quality toolsets empower translators and reviewers with full visibility into the translation...

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