May 8th, 2024

Connect with industry thought leaders, explore
cutting-edge innovations, and gain insights that will
empower your global strategy.


Smartling's annual Global Ready Conference is back on May 8, 2024!

We’re bringing you an opportunity to connect with your localization and translation peers, learn from the industry’s top thought leaders, explore the latest research and innovations, and gain insights to future proof your global expansion strategy.

At Global Ready Conference you can expect to hear:

  • Leadership keynote address from our CEO
  • Product and innovation plans for the road ahead
  • Insights from our R&D team on AI for translation
  • Customer stories & their paths to global expansion
  • How to implement AI in your localization and globalization strategies

… and more!

Register today to save the date for May 8, 2024, as we gather virtually for an exciting and educational day that will empower you to take your localization initiatives into the future.

More speakers and session announcements are coming soon – stay tuned!

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Leadership keynote

Bryan Murphy | CEO, Smartling

In this session, Smartling’s CEO, Bryan Murphy, will look back at 2023 and discuss the impact of rapidly emerging technology, how Smartling continues to innovate and evolve, and what these shifts mean for consumer behavior and the localization industry. This keynote will share what we accomplished, but more importantly, where we are headed in 2024 to help our customers accelerate their global growth and connect with customers in every language. Join us to gain a better understanding of the future of global business and discover how to navigate the changing localization landscape to stay ahead.

Product roadmap & vision

Andrew Saxe | VP of Product @ Smartling

Steven Sorenson | Product Manager, Integrations @ Smartling

Jennifer Wong | Head of AI Product Strategy @ Smartling

The Product Roadmap will offer a glimpse into Smartling’s strategic direction and vision for 2024. VP of Product, Andrew Saxe and his team will deliver an overview of recent releases and new, upcoming offerings. This roadmap will showcase our priorities and initiatives to address customer and market needs to enhance localization and translation experiences. With a focus on innovation and customer-centric solutions, the Product Roadmap will serve as a guiding framework for the year ahead.

Research revealed: The impact of AI on translation

Alex Yanishevsky | Senior Director, AI Solutions @ Smartling

Mei Zheng | Senior Data Scientist @ Smartling

Join this session to learn about the research and discoveries Smartling's team is making about Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI for translation and localization— how do they really shine for translation? We'll share insights about benchmarking for use cases such as fuzzy match repair, glossary insertion and effort estimation with foundational and fine tuned models. We will also cover future deployment scenarios that are on our research roadmap, such as source optimization, formality, gender debiasing, RAG, and more.

AI-powered human translation: Bridging the gap between old and new processes

Liliana Pardo-Becerra | Senior Manager, Localization @ Vimeo

Juan Muñiz | Senior Manager, Localization @ Bluebeam, Inc.

Gavin Grimes | VP of Language Services @ Smartling

As we navigate significant industry inflection points, this panel will reflect on how the past 12 months have influenced their localization strategies and thinking for the year ahead. AI-powered human translation is the way to bridge the gap between traditional translation methods and new functions with AI and LLMs. This panel discussion will talk about how they're transitioning their processes, what influences their mix of human and machine translation, and how leadership and budget constraints influence decisions. As localization veterans, our panelists will offer valuable insights into decision-making processes and strategies they use to examine the role of AI in shaping their future localization programs.

Driving accessibility by removing the linguistic divide

Zuleica Murillo | Executive Director, Translation and Interpretation Services @ Fresno Unified School District

Dominick Recckio | Communications Director @ Tompkins County Administration

Jennifer Wong | Head of AI Product Strategy @ Smartling

Language bridges the gap between cultures and enables meaningful connections between individuals and across communities. Through insightful conversation and real-world examples, our panelists for this session will discuss how translation is a catalyst for fostering diversity and inclusion within a community. They'll dig into the ways language translation promotes understanding and empowers individuals from all backgrounds to fully participate in shared experiences, like going to school or living in the same city. Join us to learn how leveraging translation can create vibrant, cohesive communities where every voice is heard and valued.

The time is now for (AI in) translation

Patricia Sainz | Translation Program Manager @ SAS

Nancy Ferreira da Rocha | Senior Localization Program Manager @ FedEx

Adam Noonan | Senior Customer Success Manager @ Smartling

In an increasingly interconnected world where language barriers hinder communication and collaboration, the integration of AI in translation services has emerged as a transformative solution. This panel discussion brings together experts to explore the pivotal role of AI in translation, examining its impact on the localization industry, how these rapid changes are handled with upper management, and what's down the road ahead. From breakthroughs in machine learning algorithms to the ethical implications of automated translation, join us as we discuss the opportunities and challenges of harnessing AI to bridge linguistic divides. Discover how AI is reshaping the landscape of translation, and why the time to embrace its potential is now.

Budgeting for translation: Quality without compromise

Ryan Soos | Director of Customer Success @ Smartling

Let's face it; budgets are examined annually to determine where money was well spent and where it went to waste. Historically, when spending on translations, you've had to choose between sacrificing quality to get to market faster or spending more to obtain better quality translations. This session will address a variety of solutions and strategies that you can utilize to make your budget work for you (and impress your boss!) to yield higher returns on your localization investments.

Meet our speakers

Adam Wooten

Adam Wooten

Associate Professor of Translation and Localization Managemen
Middlebury Insitute of International Studies at Monterey

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aisling - 1080x1080 (circle)

Aisling Nolan

VP of Customer Success

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andrew saxe - 1080x1080 (circle) (1)

Andrew Saxe

VP of Product

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alex yanishesvky - 1080x1080 (circle)

Alex Yanishevsky

Director of AI & Machine Translation

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gavin grimes - 1080x1080 (circle)

Gavin Grimes

VP of Language Services

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jenn wong - 1080x1080 (circle)

Jennifer Wong

Head of AI Product Strategy

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mei zheng headshot

Mei Zheng

Sr. Data Scientist

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Nancy Ferreira da Rocha

Nancy Ferreira da Rocha

Senior Localization Program Manager

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olga beregovaya - 1080x1080 (circle)

Olga Beregovaya

VP of Machine Translation & AI

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patricia sainz

Patricia Sainz

Translation Program Manager

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Zuleica Murillo

Zuleica Murillo

Executive Director, Translation and Interpretation Services
Fresno Unified School District

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