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Smartling allows you to integrate directly into existing workflows. Connect all of your business’ critical applications across the enterprise and adapt if/when platforms shift over time. The result? Time and cost savings that open doors to new markets.

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Content Management Systems


As an Acquia Technology Alliance Elite Partner, Smartling's connector for Drupal CMS automates translation across global websites.

Adobe Experience Manager

Deliver dynamic and engaging brand experiences to global audiences.

Streamline content localization workflows with Smartling and


Multiply your content infrastructure approach into global markets.


Translate omnichannel experiences into any language seamlessly


Built right into the TMGMT framework, manage translation across global websites without leaving the Drupal interface.


Build scalable translated content experiences


Simplify the complexities of supporting global website - authorize content for translation directly within Smartling to translate quicker than ever before.


Smartling's Sanity Connector gives customers the ability to easily scale across multiple languages and digital channels.


As you create fresh new content in Sitecore, submit what you want to translate with just a click.


Enhance your content localization process with the seamless integration between Storyblok and Smartling

WPML Multilingual WordPress Plugin

WPML users can seamlessly connect to Smartling for automated high-quality translations within WordPress.


Submit content for translation and monitor and track their progress within WordPress. As centralized as it could be.


Automatically scale location data into any language directly within the Yext interface.

Marketing Automation


Create personalized customer journeys that reach new global markets. Email Builder

Deliver highly personalized, engaging experiences at scale with the Dyspatch email builder and Smartling.


Convert your landing pages and forms into any language without leaving HubSpot.


Make your campaigns multilingual and watch your conversions grow with Smartling's Iterable connector.


Emails. Landing pages. Forms. Snippets. Programs. Translate every step of the buyer’s journey.

Oracle | Eloqua

Dynamic translation for dynamic content distributed through Eloqua.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Sync your Marketing Cloud assets with Smartling without leaving the platform.


Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Deliver personalized shopping experiences to global customers.

Cloud Storage

Google Drive

Easily authorize and automate any file format within your Google Drive for translation within the Smartling platform.

Customer Support


Save hours of manual work through automated translation workflows using Smartling’s Mindtouch connector.

Salesforce Knowledge Integration with Smartling

Spread the knowledge around the world. Integrate with Smartling Enterprise Translation Cloud to translate your growing Knowledge Base at scale.


Empower your support teams and deliver 24/7 multilingual customer assistance with automated, reliable translation.


Adobe Illustrator

Increase the reach of your promotional materials.

Adobe Photoshop

Translate copy on all your images.


Start translating your content with design prototypes to ship new products faster.


Sharpen your translated copy for your vector creations.

Video Subtitles (srt)

Provide your translators with video context for subtitles.

Code Repository & Developer Tools


Sync changes to your source code with Smartling’s repository connector.


Translation that scales with your product.


Akeneo PIM

With Smartling’s Akeneo PIM connector, users accelerate time-to-market for global product launches.

Project Management

Adobe Workfront

Create and manage translation projects in Smartling without leaving your project management tool.

Terminology Management

Kalcium Quickterm

This integration with Smartling delivers terminology right to the translator's fingertips.


Keep your terminology updated for your translation projects by automating exports between Lexeri and Smartling.


TermWeb offers a seamless cross-platform integration with Smartling.



Optimize your translation issue management by eliminating manual updates and improving internal collaboration.


Real-time, in-app translation issue notification and resolution

The vital role that Smartling plays 
in my day-to-day is efficiency. Now that I've mastered the platform 
and have automated most of our translation process, I'm able to 
spend my time on my main tasks 
at hand. It's a real game-changer.


Trinh Nguyen

Director of Digital Experience, Marketing & Channels Applications

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Deploy any multilingual website or web application with minimal developer involvement - the fast, cost-effective, 
and cloud-based infrastructure.

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Seamlessly scale translation management for any 
application with endless customizations. Achieve agile 
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