Everyone Wants Automated Translation

Automated translation is Smartling, a world class translation software solution built for you. It means that you can professionally translate and localize all of your content across devices and platforms without sending a single email, touching any button, or managing strings in spreadsheets.

Global Delivery Network

Language translation software that integrates with any platform.

The words you use to communicate with consumers matter. We help you translate them into any language. How? By providing fast, reliable and fully customizable integrations between your content repository and Smartling’s translation management system.


It isn’t magic,
but it will feel like magic.



Automate source content and context capture.



Professional or machine translation engines process the content.



Continuously deploy new translations to users worldwide.

How to integrate with Smartling.

You can seamlessly connect your content repositories with Smartling - from websites and mobile apps to eCommerce systems and help centers.
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Native Integrations

Translation connectors that enable you to manage translation without leaving familiar applications or the developer’s environment.

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Global Delivery Network

A blazingly fast localization infrastructure to deploy any website or web application into multiple languages with near-zero developer support.

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Hundreds of APIs

Heaven for developers. This is the most customizable solution to automate translation from your terminal with Smartling’s CLI tools.

Automated translation
is simpler.

Pre-built integrations for popular content management systems bring translation into your existing workflow.
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Effortless connectivity. Increased productivity.

Translation adds complexity to a developer’s environment. The value of automated translation is that it takes the complexity out of translation. After the initial setup, you will be able to focus on what counts - writing better content, software code or postcards from your vacation (since translations will happen automatically… are you getting it?). This is easy to install, and hard to beat.

Realize the first mover advantage.

Did you know you can launch new sites, products and experiences in any language without scaling your infrastructure or adding headcount? Well, now you do. 😀

All Devices

75% faster new language releases with the Global Delivery Network

What used to take a big three hotel group between six and eight months to launch a new language now takes less than four weeks.
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Update the end user experience on the fly.

Your new features and content are deployed quickly and regularly. Language translation shouldn’t get in your way. We’ll help you deploy content faster.

2x translation pace with the API

This medical publisher’s ability to translate content 54% faster means important healthcare content can be used to save lives faster.
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Focus on product development.

The magic of a fully-integrated cloud translation software. Instead of copying and pasting content, and exporting or importing files for translation, developers can focus on building a better product.

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Leave the email-based workflow.

Still emailing files back and forth? Our translation software detects new content and automatically submits it for translation on your behalf based on your predetermined rules. It's automatically sent right back to where it came from when the translations are complete.

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Like what you see?

The best way to understand our product is to see it for yourself. Request a demo or reach out to chat.
Onboarding is a breeze

Software automation enables human translation.

Your content can be translated by strangers. Or, it can be translated by Smartling. We work with world-class translators who you will know; people who will feel like a member of your team because they’re always a Slack or platform message away. They live across the globe and move the world with words.

CAT Tool

A CAT Tool with owl-like vision.

Our cloud-based translation interface (CAT Tool) is rich with features so you can be rich in meaning. Translators have visual context so they can see your content in its environment. They automatically and continuously leverage translations that are saved now... now (and now!). And, finally, your linguistic assets are built in to maximize quality at every touchpoint.

Trinh Nguyen
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Trinh Nguyen
Project Manager, Dialpad
The vital role that Smartling plays in my day-to-day is efficiency. Now that I've mastered the platform and have automated most of our translation process, I'm able to spend my time on my main tasks at hand. It's a real game-changer.
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