Smartling for Slack

Real-time issue notification and resolution

Smartling Slack Integration

Keep your translation projects moving with instant issue notification and easy resolution options. Available to all customers, Smartling's Slack app sends translation issue notifications to a dedicated channel where members can take action without having to log in to Smartling.

Slack integration

Get notified, take action

Easily set up translation issue Slack channels with the Smartling app. You can choose to receive all issue notifications in a single channel or create dedicated channels tailored by language or individual project, ensuring organized and efficient communication.

Slack channel members, regardless of whether they have Smartling login credentials, can actively manage issues by resolving them, adding comments, or marking them as answered directly within Slack. This integration ensures that everyone stays informed and can take immediate action, streamlining the workflow and enhancing collaboration.

Smartling Language Services

Smartling Language Services customers experience faster times to market, lower costs, and guaranteed quality.

When you combine Smartling’s translation platform features with professional translators, you get:

- Reduced time to market by up to 90%
- Reduced translation costs by up to 60%
- Complete transparency of the entire process
- Fast issue resolution via direct communication with linguists
- Low or no vendor management
- Expertise in Smartling platform features, CAT tool, and integrations
- 100% quality guarantee

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