Your end-user experience matters

We hear a different story every day, but all follow the same theme. There is a need to translate content and there is a budget, but there is not a clear path forward.

Why Smartling

More content, more control.

Smartling enables you to automate, manage, and professionally translate content at the speed of life. What’s more is that Smartling continuously indexes hundreds of data points for insight to simplify the process. The more you do, the more it learns; and, this in turn reduces your cost over time.

The bottom line, well, is actually your bottom line.

What makes us different?

Data-driven localization

Is it possible to make decisions without information? No. That’s why Smartling not only presents you with real-time data about your translation process, but it also is smart enough to make decisions for you.
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Developers aren’t available but the translations have to get done. Smartling seamlessly connects your CMS, code repository, and marketing automation tools to reduce the burden of localization for you.
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Visual Context

Translators have to see the words in context in order to deliver high quality work. Without it, your end-user experience suffers. Smartling’s translation interface enables any translator to understand you.
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The Power of Data.

We’re more than translation. We’re more than words. We’re data. We’re making data do more, because when data does more, you can do more, too. Data that automates translation decisions and reduces the number of resources necessary to complete tasks. Simply put, you will benefit from the power of data.

We never settle, and you shouldn’t either.

Get busy. Get to market in a flash. Manage workflows with ease. Spend less money and cover more territory. At Smartling, we’re growing with you. When it comes to our technology, we’re always doing more, pushing new code and bringing the best minds together. We have a strong vision, a vision informed by customers like you.

You are here. So are we.

Smartling is a fully integrated cloud translation management system. We’re big on automation, and we’re even bigger on data. This means you can do more with less, with complete visibility into the entire translation process.

Looking back. Looking forward.

Businesses depend on technology to drive efficiency and cost savings. This has been the case for decades and transcends every business vertical. It has enabled companies to scale their operations and distributions internationally, where providing content in-language is a requisite. Today, Smartling is the leading translation management platform used by hundreds of brands to localize content across devices and platforms.

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