What Content Are You Translating?

Websites + Digital Content

Increase sales by selling in your customer’s native language. Increase online reach by localizing your websites. Improve SEO by creating a better user experience for international markets.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile adoption is growing fastest in emerging markets. Localizing your mobile experience positions your brand for global success.

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Documents + Resources

Every element of your digital content has a purpose. Technology can keep your global content organized and can speed up translation, for one document or thousands.

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Marketing Content

You can’t risk quality when translating marketing content. When communicating with your target audience you need speed, accuracy and flexibility, whether translating emails, landing pages or any of your brand messaging.

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Support Content

Speaking your customer’s language is critical when answering their questions, supporting their needs and providing the best experience with your brand.

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Multimedia Files

Translation is not limited to the written word. Audio, video, and all other multimedia formats require translation to maintain brand consistency and to keep your message clear.

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Smartling Can Help Everyone In Your Organization

As a marketer, I am responsible for acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers by communicating the right messages.

I need a solution that:

  • Preserves brand consistency, globally
  • Expands my organization’s global footprint rapidly
  • Encourages cost-efficiency
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As a localization manager, I am responsible for delivering high-quality translations, on-time and on budget.

I need a solution that:

  • Supports customized workflows for different types of content
  • Automates core processes, enterprise-wide
  • Promotes complete transparency
  • Increases translation quality
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As a tech professional, I am responsible for maintaining tech infrastructure, developing products, and managing development resources.

I need a solution that:

  • Requires minimal integration effort
  • Offers custom implementation options
  • Scales to meet future demands
  • Provides enterprise-grade security and uptime
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As a business leader, I am responsible for driving global growth while controlling costs and limiting risk.

I need a solution that:

  • Addresses my global growth strategy
  • Shapes superior content
  • Demonstrates clear ROI
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