Content Management for Every Language

Centralize all of your translations.

Smartling’s translation management system is a repository for your content, and a powerful administrative suite to control everything related to localization.

Global Delivery Network

Translation is like a layered cake.

The more languages you support, the more complicated it is to bake.

Smartling’s approach to translation management removes the seemingly endless list of complications. The platform enables you to configure automations, and see exactly what’s happening with every translation job across content types.

Assign content to translation workflows.
Notify users of new content.
Monitor translation progress and costs.
Upload and optimize linguistic resources.

With all of your content centralized in the translation platform, at any point in time, you can surface data to simplify your process, or just answer basic questions like who is translating the content, how much is it going to cost, and when will the translations be finished?

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Configure. Communicate. Plan.


Translation Settings

Manage workflows, translation memory leverage, and job orders all in one place.


Communication with translators

Through Smartling, Slack or email, message directly with translators on the string level to optimize for high quality results.

Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics

From cost estimates to translation workflow insights, know exactly what’s happening in your global content pipeline.

In the matter of words, management matters.

Smartling’s easy-to-use dashboard for account administration and project management is the #1 rated translation management system by users on G2. Here’s why.
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Accelerate time to market.

Your content creators, designers, developers, project managers, translators and internal reviewers are all part of your “go-to-market” team. Bring their workflow into Smartling’s TMS, and plug in their tools to start the translation process earlier.

The single source of truth for every channel.

See real-time translation progress for your websites, mobile apps, emails, and more in a single snapshot. This puts you in the driver’s seat of a fully automated translation management system that tells you exactly what you need to know at every touchpoint.

Jobs UI
Jobs Automation

Automate project tasks.

Eliminate clicks. Configure Smartling to automatically submit content for translation based on a set of predetermined conditions, like your budget, workflow requirements and timeline. Take the busy work out of translation and focus on what matters more.

Manage by exception.

Smartling’s AI-powered translation management system enables you to program rules into your translation workflow to maximize quality results. Whenever one of these rules is violated, you will get a notification and a recommendation so that you can easily resolve anything that comes your way.
Quality Checks

Quality Checks? Check.

Program dozens of quality check options to achieve consistent translations across all of your content without having to check everything yourself. For example, you can automatically block translators from introducing pesky spelling errors or tag inconsistencies that will result in an unwanted user experience.

Integrated budgeting tools.

Know your translation costs before you submit a job for translation. Configure your translation rates per word and by workflow step; then sit back and watch how Smartling automatically adjusts your spend per job considering translation memory leverage.

Cost Estimates
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All of your linguistic assets under one roof.

Smartling’s translation management platform centralizes all of your guidelines into a tightly knit package that can be applied to any project so that your translators always adhere to your standards.

Style Guide

Influence the words your translators use by casting a vision for your brand.
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Manage your brand terminology and keywords with precision.
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Translation Cloud

Translation Memory

Import your existing translation memory and Smartling will continuously optimize it with new translations.
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Leverage Settings

An advanced setting enables you to configure Smartling to prioritize how it applies each translation memory to new content.
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Quality Checks

With over 25 settings to choose from, Smartling’s technology automatically reviews your content like a human would for translation inconsistencies.
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Every component of Smartling’s linguistic assets adjusts to your requirements because each of your requirements are different.
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Connect with your translators.

Smartling’s translation management system connects you directly with your translators on the string level so they can deliver high quality content.

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Better tools.
Greater results.

Visual Context

Translation Interface

It’s all about content. Our translator workbench is rich with features so you can be rich in meaning. Say hello to visual context, real-time translation memory, and a modern workspace.

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Project Management

It’s all about time. Communicate more effectively, automate workflows, and manage deliverables and due dates.It’s all about time. Communicate more effectively,



It’s all about efficiency. Hundreds of data points are used to determine the best solution for you at each decision point.

Reduce project management efforts by 75%.

Through real-time updates and reporting, the content team at the British Medical Journal (BMJ) was able to automate the translation process and focus on developing new English source content.
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Onboarding is a breeze

Onboarding is a breeze.

Ready, set, translate, in 30 days or less! Our onboarding team will help you realize value quickly from Smartling’s solution.

Managed Services

Managed Services: a white glove experience.

Vendor management. Personalized services. Ongoing training. With Managed Services, we take care of everything for you.

Trusted by Users. Ranked #1 by CSA Research.

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