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Managing a localization program or project can be complex, but our cloud-based translation management platform is built to improve efficiency, drive consistency, and scale for growth.

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Eliminate manual work

Integrate translation with your tech stack using Smartling's automated workflows. Easily pair your content software with Smartling’s TMS through our pre-built integrations, custom APIs, or the Global Delivery Network. With automation in place, you can improve efficiency, get content to market faster, and concentrate on more significant priorities.

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Eliminate Manual Work
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Improve translation quality and consistency

Smartling helps you evaluate, manage, and improve your language translation quality with tools and reporting built around the Multidimensional Quality Metrics framework. You can perform quality assurance directly within Smartling using our Linguistic Quality Assurance tools, and review results in a comprehensive, quality dashboard.

If you're looking for even more reliability, Smartling Translation comes with a quality satisfaction guarantee.

Scalable translation for the whole organization

Smartling is designed to meet the translation needs of 
your whole company—all in one place. You get unlimited users at no extra cost and in-platform communication features that make collaboration a breeze.

Plus, translation owners can empower their colleagues to customize jobs and translation projects while maintaining control and consistency across their account.

Scalable translation

At the end of the day, Smartling’s technology is incredibly reliable, and the customer experience is fantastic.


Jessica Birenz

Director of Planning and Project Management, Yext

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a translation management system?

A translation management system, or translation management software, (TMS) is a centralized hub for managing the localization process and translation of language assets.

A TMS helps you streamline translation project management and improve content creation workflows, organize and collaborate on translated content effectively.

Should you use a translation management system?

Without the use of a translation management system, translation management typically involves breaking content up into strings (chunks of text) and collaborating with professional translation services manually over email and spreadsheets.

This can be okay for small projects.

If the scale of your project has outgrown the spreadsheet method and you’re looking for a way to ensure all content translation happens in-context, then a TMS is likely a good investment.

Do Smartling translation management tools integrate with my favorite CMS (content management system) or tool?

Yes! There are three ways you can connect Smartling to your existing software stack for user-friendly and collaborative translation:

  1. The Global Delivery Network (aka web translation proxy)
  2. Proprietary integrations with tools like Contentful, WordPress, and Drupal
  3. A custom API solution

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