How ClassPass is Redefining Localization & Expanding User Research

Thanks to automation, the ‘Loc Manager’ role is evolving at ClassPass, incorporating more data analysis and research on user behavior to grow their non-English speaking user base. Watch the webinar to learn more!


ClassPass is a membership-based app and website for everything fitness and wellness. It gives you access to gyms, studios, salons, and spas around the world.

Founded in the US in 2013, ClassPass is now available in 10 languages in 30 countries with 2,500+ participating studios, gyms, and wellness centers.

Hear from ClassPass’ International Localization Operations Manager, Margarida Soares, about:

  • Freeing up nearly 1,000 hours by automating translation and localization
  • Expanding user-behavior testing and data analysis
  • Improving user experience and conversion rate

Localization Challenges & Streamlining

ClassPass localizes their content for marketing, legal, product development, and customer experience. Margarida was leading a lean localization team, and her question was, “How can we reduce the time spent on execution and increase the time spent on localization strategy?”

Solution 1

Streamlining the localization process with Smartling connectors: Figma, Zendesk, GitHub, Contentful, and HubSpot.

Here is an example – Margarida uses Smartling’s Figma connector to localize graphics for social media posts. Before Smartling, it took her nine steps, taking up 3.5 hours on average.

Classpass loc1

After Smartling, the same process was cut down to five steps, taking up one hour on average.

classpass loc2

Using Smartling’s Visual Context tool, translators better understand the context of the content. This allows translators to immediately make creative adaptations to ensure the translated copy fits into the space correctly.

Classpass loc3

Since removing manual processes and reducing QA time using Smartling, the total time to publish was cut down drastically.

Solution 2

Using Smartling Language Services (SLS) for specialized content translation, such as legal materials.

These changes resulted in 970+ execution hours saved in 2022, leading to more time to spend on the strategy side.

ClassPass’ localization team no longer needs to manually create job files, add instructions, provide visual references, copy-paste strings into excel, and deliver to the final target. They now spend this saved time on:

  • Better understanding app and web flows, gaining insights into users’ journey
  • Optimizing these flows to improve user experience
  • Independently QA’ing and localizing various types of content (further saving her engineering and design team time)
  • Professional development to make more data-driven decisions
  • User-testing

User Testing for Localization

User testing is part of research using the UX design. ClassPass conducted user testing to gather qualitative data around how users feel about ClassPass’ localized content. Users were prompted to complete tasks using design prototypes of their translated website.

Through this research, they found answers to their questions like "Is the content culturally relevant? Is the sign-up process clear? Is navigation straightforward?" With this information, they optimized their localization efforts.

Classpass user test

Want to experience localization success like ClassPass did? Watch the full conversation with ClassPass to learn more!

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