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The Problem With Traditional Translation Providers

Old-fashioned translation companies operate in a black box, hiding their internal processes from clients. This keeps you from controlling your content in other languages: Cost, quality, and the true message you’re sending customers is an unknown. But data-driven technology using the right translation services provides transparency, helping you escape the box and see localization clearly for the first time.

Smartling Translation Services: A Data-Driven Approach to Professional Localization

With a professional team translating 150+ languages across 50+ specialized industries, Smartling Translation Services is a one-stop solution that scales. Whether you need a single file translated or manage millions of words a month, our data-driven approach is 100% turnkey. Smartling provides an objective way to measure quality and predict turnaround time, cutting clients’ translation budgets by up to 25%.

Smartling Translation Services Benefits

Smartling customers have translated nearly one billion words. That’s a scale they couldn’t have reached without data-driven workflows, proven quality assurance strategies, and our responsive community of professional translators. Our best-in-class translation management system delivers content more quickly and more cost-effectively than anything else on the market.

Quality Confidence Score

Quality Confidence Score ™

An unparalleled, singular measure of translation quality built into an industry-leading SLA. Professional quality, or your money back.

Improved Time-to-Market Translations

Improved Time-to-Market

Standardized, upfront turnaround time estimates based on volume. Enterprise-grade SLAs, backed by financial guarantees.

Translation Spend Reduction

25% Spend Reduction

Prepaid plans guarantee translator availability, ensure consistency, and offer volume discounts of up to 25%.

Community of Professional Translators

Experts in 150+ Languages

On-demand access to a curated community of professional translators in 150+ languages and 50+ industries.

Interested in Transcreation?

Transcreation is the most nuanced way to transfer your message from one language into another. To be effective, however, it must be done properly. Smartling’s Translation Services team is comprised of a large network of professional, in-country translators that help to deliver precise, on-brand, and culturally-relevant messaging.

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Smartling already helps some of the world’s smartest brands rethink their approach to global content translation.

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