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The Loc Coach

Level up your loc career! Catch the first two interactive workshops from Localization Career Coach Hristina Racheva, now on-demand!

The Loc Coach

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Developing and Deploying a Multilingual COVID-19 Glossary

November 16, 2021Professor Holly Seale tells us what it took to develop and deploy a COVID-19 Medical Glossary into 30+ languages to help non-English speaking Australians understand medical terms during the pandemic.

Commerce Leaders Must Pivot from Global to Multi-Local Experiences

December 1, 2021This webinar will discuss why moving from global to multi-local experiences is both urgent and critical and how you can empower local execution.

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About Localization

Now You’re Speakin’ My Language

If you want to access 95% of the world’s online GDP, you need to be translating content into 40 languages. So to harness the power of personalization, you first must start with speaking your customers’ native language.
About Localization

The Buy-In: Working Cross-Functionally as a Loc Manager

This workshop looks at ways to strategically get your entire organization on board for your localization initiatives. We’ll talk about how to have an impact in a fun and engaging way.
About Localization

5 Things to Know When Localizing a Drupal Website in 2022

This session at DrupalCon Europe 2021 covers the top 5 things to know when you're localizing a Drupal website in 2022 and how you can start implementing them today.
About Localization

Expert Insights for Building an Effective Martech Stack

Discover the key elements for building your ideal martech stack as well as what to look for when choosing technologies.

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