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While our in-person events designed to connect the localization community have been postponed until further notice, including our flagship Global Ready Conferences in Sydney and San Francisco, we have informative webinars and digital events to share international trends, localization best practices and product enablement.

Featured Event

S1 E6: Help me convince my manager

June 30, 2020“Translation” lives in different places from one company to the next. Join us for our final episode on June 30 at 11AM EST and learn how to reveal to your manager how and why translation adds value to the business - how translation isn’t blind.

Translation Isn't Blind E6

Upcoming Events

Global Ready Conference London

September 8, 2020 | LondonLondon is calling! Our venue may be serious 🏛, but we promise not to take ourselves too seriously. Tell your friends. Get pumped. And register today!

Global Ready Conference 2019 Recap

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