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Understanding the New Smartling-Contentstack Hybrid App

May 4, 2022A technical deep-dive to learn more about Smartling & Contentstack's new hybrid app within Contentstack's Marketplace.


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The Importance of Multilingual Email Marketing & Localization

June 9, 2022This webinar will discuss the importance of multilingual email marketing and email localization – and now, the tools to translate emails for your business.

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About Localization

How Pinterest Centralized Content Management and Localization

Learn how Pinterest centralized their work for content management, translation, and localization to launch their biggest business-user campaign of the year using Smartling-Contentful connector.
About Localization

From the Ground Up: Building a Localization Team

Building a team takes more than just hiring people – it also requires the foundation of a strong and unique culture of a team. Localization Career Coach, Hristina Racheva, joins us to uncover what it takes to build a localization team.

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2022 Global Ready Conference On-Demand

Global Ready Conference is the flagship conference designed by Smartling for anyone who touches the translation and localization process. Attended by hundreds of global brands, the event provides a deep dive into the future of the translation industry as well as exciting and unique sessions, expert thought leaders and speakers, live entertainment and your playbook for globalization

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