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The Importance of Multilingual Email Marketing & Localization

June 9, 2022This webinar discusses the importance of multilingual email marketing and email localization – and now, the tools to translate emails for your business.


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Customer Success

How Canva Reached 30 Million Non-English Speaking Users

During this fireside chat Canva's localization team joins us to talk about their rapid global growth and mission to make design accessible.
About Localization

How Email Localization Drives ROI

Address common email localization challenges so you can build effective email campaigns for your global customers that drive ROI for your business.

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2022 Global Ready Conference On-Demand

Global Ready Conference is the flagship conference designed by Smartling for anyone who touches the translation and localization process. Attended by hundreds of global brands, the event provides a deep dive into the future of the translation industry as well as exciting and unique sessions, expert thought leaders and speakers, live entertainment and your playbook for globalization

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