Revolutionize translation with the AI Translation Toolkit

Unlock a suite of AI translation features that dramatically improve the performance of your translators

Revolutionize translation with the AI Translation Toolkit

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Get higher quality initial translations

AI Fuzzy Match Repair and Glossary Term Insertion amplify the value of your linguistic assets and deliver higher quality translations to your linguists than ever before.

AI Fuzzy Match Repair increases translation memory leverage by as much as 35 percent, leading to substantial cost savings and improved quality. In addition, Glossary Term Insertion seamlessly embeds your glossary terms into content, guaranteeing contextual and grammatical accuracy.

Get higher quality initial translations - Smartling AI Translation Toolkit
Future-proof your strategy with AI insights - Smartling AI Translation Toolkit

Improve linguist performance

Our Edit Effort Estimation technology groups translations based on expected effort to achieve human quality. Use these insights alongside our workflow automation to assign strings requiring extensive edits to more experienced linguists or bypass human review entirely. Optimize spend and cut turnaround time by up to 50%.

Future-proof your strategy with AI insights

Access performance results from all of your AI features in our streamlined AI Translation Dashboard. The Dashboard includes detailed reporting on translation memory leverage, edit effort, and more so you can make informed decisions about your translation workflow and investments.

Scalable translation

With Smartling, we always feel like our translation concerns and questions are taken very seriously. We feel like we’re in this together, working toward a shared goal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tools for translation?

Common tools for translation and localization include machine translation engines, computer-assisted translation tools, and translation management systems.

Smartling offers all of the above. Plus, a suite of AI capabilities to enhance linguist efficiency called the AI Translation Toolkit.

What is the most popular translation tool?

Google Translate is by far the most popular translation tool. However, it’s best for one-off and casual translation. (It only has basic features for translating text, web pages, and a couple of other formats into other languages.)

This can be okay for small projects.

If your company is serious about producing multilingual content, you’ll need a solution designed for business use and capable of scaling as your translation and localization needs change. Smartling’s translation management system and AI Translation Toolkit can help you strike the optimal balance between cost, quality, and speed.

What translator is 100% accurate?

No tool can guarantee 100% accuracy since many factors influence translation quality including language pairs, training data quality, and more.

However, certain translation tools can help translators be more efficient and effective. For example, the AI Translation Toolkit provides a suite of features that significantly improve the translation starting point for translators. Because of this, translators can get to a 98+ MQM quality score twice as fast.

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