Deliver websites in any language

The Global Delivery Network (GDN) is the fastest, most cost effective way to deploy multilingual websites with near zero IT involvement.

Global Delivery Network

Powerful Infrastructure

We built an infrastructure so you don’t have to

Cloud-based. Cost-effective. Get the Global Delivery Network (GDN) that brilliantly eliminates the need to internationalize code, build website copies, or source global network servers for long-distance content delivery.

  • Near-zero IT involvement
  • Works seamlessly with your CMS or web application
  • Easy to manage translation and customize experiences
  • Fully SEO-compatible
  • Always working: 99.99% uptime
Translation Automated

Fast and Cost-effective.

Smartling is the fastest, most cost-effective way to deploy multilingual websites and web apps securely and reliably, with almost no coding.

  • Minimal Coding Required
  • Works with any web application
  • Easy to customize and manage

It Feels Like Magic.

Effortlessly transform your marketing website, product pages, and thousands of SKUs into any language with minimal developer engagement

Launch in a flash

The fastest way to deliver websites in any language

Moving at the speed of business. The GDN delivers content faster than your competition can, putting your content where you need it, when you need it most.


No code. No drama.

Finally, there’s a hassle-free solution for localizing websites.

We work with your team to set up the GDN with minimal interference on your day-to-day. As for your developers, they can keep their eyes on the product roadmap.

Works hard. Plays well.

You can pair the GDN with any CMS or tech stack.

From Wordpress to your home-grown web service. You name it, the GDN simply layers on top and is easy to deploy.

A 21st Century Proxy

Built for modern web experiences

Customize the end user experience without compromising your time. Manage image swaps, and easily convert date, time, measurement, and currencies.

How it works

Make a simple DNS change to add your multilingual domains, and then watch magic of Smartling unfold.

  • Your website receives a request in a different language, our GDN responds immediately.
  • The GDN instantly exchanges the existing English content with professionally translated content.
  • Finally, the GDN delivers the translated version of the website to the end user.

99.99% Uptime. Guaranteed.

The GDN enables a dynamic and SEO-compatible multilingual experience for end users everywhere within milliseconds.

Why our translation proxy rocks


  • Pages load within hundredths of a second
  • Powered by a streaming server rather than a buffering server


  • Meets the highest security standards
  • PCI Level 1, SOC 2, and HIPAA compliant
  • Routine security audit and system maintenance

100% SEO-compatible

  • Translates URLs and keywords
  • Localized pages displayed on subdomains, subdirectories, ccTLDs, or using cookies or HTTP headers

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  • Includes server-side headers for developers to truly customize a site for a particular language
  • Adapts to website redesigns

No source content bleed-through

  • Always display in-language content on your website by configuring static cache
  • Prevent bleed-through by configuring a staging server, leveraging machine translation, or caching


  • Deployed on some of the world’s largest, dynamic, personalized sites, including eCommerce, airline, and hotel websites.

Case Studies

5,200+ Hotel Websites

IHG continuously translates its digital properties using Smartling's website proxy and Adobe Experience Manager connector.

IGH Website

85% Improvement in Time to Market

Using Smartling, Pinterest has streamlined its translation process significantly, supporting more agile product releases.

Pinterest Logo

Your translators. Or ours.

318 million words are translated in Smartling every year by Translation Services. Used by many. Trusted by all.

Onboard in 30 days or less.

Ready, set, translate. Our onboarding team will help you to realize value quickly.

Your goals. Our priority.

Best practices. Digital transformation. Strategy alignment. A dedicated Customer Success and Account Manager are focused on achieving your business objectives.

Managed Services: a white glove experience.

Vendor management. Personalized services. Ongoing training. With Managed Services, we take care of everything for you.