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Smartling provides software translation services for applications, product documentation, and UX. It's the easiest and fastest way to deliver a localized user experience.

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The Importance of Software & App Localization

Software and app localization is a process that many companies recognize as vital to achieving success. It means adapting industry software to a specific region or culture with the hopes of enhancing the customer experience. Software localization enables direct communication with your target audience by giving them the opportunity to utilize your product in their preferred language. This builds stronger customer relations and loyalty while allowing your company to communicate globally

Help more users experience your product in their language

How do our software and app localization services work?

  • Smartling’s translation management system  allows you to automate your software translation strategy while maintaining quality, brand voice, and style.
  • Our professional linguists are local experts and native speakers.
  • We have integrations ready to be connected to your existing code repository and developer tools

Benefits of Smartling’s software app localization services:

  • Tens of thousands of dollars saved.
  • Hundreds of thousands of human hours saved.
  • New languages launched in as few as two days.

Bring translation into your existing workflow.

How Pinterest Centralized Content Management and Localization

Design Your Product with Localization in Mind

Consumers want services that provide information in their preferred language(s). If you’re building an app for a global audience, check out this guide to successful software localization.

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Support Translated Mobile Content via Apps

There is a massive market for mobile users around the world. The Apple App Store for example, is currently used and available in over 150 countries globally and supports over 40 different languages. App internationalization is critical for driving engagement and an important piece of your global strategy. Learn how to ensure that anyone can enjoy your app, no matter what language they speak.

How to Localize Your Mobile App

Connect Smartling to Your Everyday Design Tools

Ease the work of your brand’s UX and Product teams. Reduce time to market. Enjoy cost-savings. Smartling’s integration is the easiest way to develop multilingual apps.

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The Complete Guide to Translation Services

When language services and translation management software work together, they can significantly improve your software & mobile app localization results.

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Zak Haitkin
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We leveraged Smartling to make sure we had automation for all of our content - no matter if it was web, app, help center or developer materials - for all of our languages.
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