Everything you need to become an expert in language translation management so you can connect your products and services with people anywhere, today.

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The digital revolution instantaneously widened the reach of your products and services. Anybody with an internet connection is now a potential customer. So the answer is simple, right? Put together a compelling product, start marketing it online, and watch your company grow.

In today’s reality, it isn’t this simple. Competition is fierce. Margins are slim. Consumers have more choice, and anything from natural disasters to social media disasters can upend years of hard work.

There’s also a dependency on content to support today’s product journey. Websites, marketing automation, web and mobile applications, documentation, video, podcasts, and more. These mediums not only enriches the customer experience, but are also the key ingredients of tomorrow’s competitive advantage.

Why is this important? This is important because 90% of the online consumer buying power in 2022 requires support for 16 written languages worldwide. Language translation is a bridge to these consumers - a pathway that enables people to access your products and services. It is the wildcard that some people underestimate and many people seem to forget about when it comes to delivering a global product.

Language translation is not new. It’s been done for centuries. The Bible was translated. Important pieces of literature, like The Odyssey, have been translated. In the 20th century, the world’s largest businesses started translating; and in the 21st century, businesses of all sizes that can deliver a service to people anywhere in the world are translating.

Obviously, translating content makes it easier to communicate with more people. The challenge is knowing how to master language translation and localization efficiently. That’s why I’m here - Adrian, from Smartling (nice to meet you). This podcast exists to help you become an expert in all things translation and localization so that you can connect your products and services with people anywhere, today.

How are we going to do this? We’re going to bring you interviews with real people who manage real localization programs at companies of all shapes and sizes. I can’t wait for you to meet our guests.

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