S3E1 - Reality Series Ep. 1: Language AI


In the first episode of our Reality Series, Smartling leaders – Olga Beregovaya (Vice President of AI and Machine Translation), Andrew Batwash (Associate Director of Language Services), and Jack Welde (President) – uncover the myths and realities of LanguageAI.

Language AI is the topic of the hour for the translation and localization industry. To uncover how it improves business outcomes and where the industry is headed, we explore:

  • What is Language AI? Is it the same as Machine Translation?
  • How can we leverage LanguageAI to build efficiencies and cost-savings into our processes?
  • What outcomes have early adopters of LanguageAI seen? What best practices can we learn from them?
  • Where do human translators fit in?

Jump into the Episode
[01:30] About Olga and her background.
[02:28] About Andrew and his background.
[03:41] What is Language AI?
[08:18] How to leverage Language AI to build more efficient cost and time savings.
[11:25] What ways are humans part of the translation process and what value do they add?
[14:22] How companies like Smartling compete with cloud MT providers like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.
[17:27] Why companies should be trying to incorporate machine translation. [25:17] Skillsets required to stay relevant in the age of AI.
[28:46] What is MT not good at?
[36:23] Measures and benchmarks that prove Andrew is having success.
[37:07] Is it possible to use context for content that’s localized with MT?
[41:16] Aside from machine translation, how else is AI being used?
[45:05] Final thoughts from Olga and Andrew.

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