The Loc Show Season 1 Recap (+ New Host Intro!)


Welcome to a special episode of The Loc Show. Today, Adrian Cohn is handing over the podcast to his Smartling colleague, JooRi Choi. She will be hosting the brand-new season of the podcast, which is coming soon.

JooRi has experienced life in starkly contrasting countries and went to school with a studenty body made up of 30 different nationalities. She has been in the marketing industry for about five years and has a unique perspective that will allow her to extract meaningful insights from guests on the show. We’ll hear JooRi explain what she plans to accomplish going forward and how she hopes listeners will approach this new era of The Loc Show.

Jump into the episode
[01:00] Planning a brand-new season with great content.
[01:32] An introduction to JooRi and the different countries she has lived in.
[02:31] How long JooRi has been with Smartling and what she brings to the podcast.
[03:01] Being bilingual and meeting people from all over the world.
[03:28] Why JooRi’s global life will benefit The Loc Show and its listeners.
[04:21] JooRi’s contributions to Smartling and where you can read her content.
[04:48] The ideas JooRi has for where she will take the podcast.
[05:55] A look back at some of the experts that have been featured on The Loc Show.
[06:23] Adrian’s excitement for the ideas JooRi has about sharing stories from the industry.
[06:59] Advice from JooRi for listeners about tuning into the show from here on out.

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