Proactively realize translation preferences and high quality results.

Linguistic Asset Management is a comprehensive professional service offered by Smartling to position translators to create high quality content by establishing and optimizing your glossary and style guide.

Translation Leverage

Our approach drives quality results.

Today’s product and consumer experiences are powered by words. And we think every word you use across languages, content types, and devices can make or break your user experience. That’s why Smartling offers Linguistic Asset Management.
We use professionally trained translators and software to identify key terminology and to document your content experience to enable your long term success. The end result? An optimized glossary and style guide that helps deliver high quality content.

Two Simple Plans

Whether you’re getting started with translation for the first time or are looking to optimize your program, Smartling’s linguistic asset management plans make it simple to proactively manage translation preferences.


Launch new languages with confidence.

Starting at


+ Translated and localized versions at $150/ locale

English Glossary
20 terms

Foundational English Style Guide
Analysis of your content to document the tone, formality and style. The output is a two-page style guide.


Strategically improve translation quality.

Starting at


+ Translated and localized versions at $950/ locale

English Glossary
100 terms with algorithmic approach to sourcing terminology

Comprehensive English Style Guide
Expertly crafted direction for how translators can manage content for specialized industries or niche content. The output is a 5-10 page style guide that considers the localization requirements of each region.

Why Linguistic Assets are important.

Your content experience is your product experience, in English and every other language you support. Linguistic assets is an inexpensive and proactive way to mitigate the inherent risks of handing over your carefully crafted English content for translation.

Two Assets. One Result.

The glossary and style guide are the references translators depend on to achieve your brands’ personality in any language.

What is a Glossary?

A glossary is a tool for ensuring consistency in terminology. Adding details to a term can improve quality and efficiency.

What is a Style Guide?

A style guide is a collection of preferences for content formatting, writing tone, and style to ensure consistency in every language.

Our translators help you move the world with words

With a 5% pass rate, Smartling ensures that only the best translators across the global are working with you to deliver impactful content. Human translators provide the human touch. With experience in 50 business verticals and over 150 languages, you can count on Smartling to deliver quality work. A friendly and reliable face? You bet.
An interview with Oana

"Translators are not dictionaries. We are so much more than that. Words are powerful, and they bring people together."

Oana, a French translator for Smartling
Meet Oana

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