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How to localize content while staying on brand with Rover
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How Rover Localizes Content While Staying On Brand

Learn how Rover expanded into European markets while maintaining their brand voice and keeping the content culturally relevant through multilingual SEO, automated translation workflows, and more.
About Localization

Translation Isn't Blind: How to sell out of a new product in 24 hours with Vitamix

During this episode, discover how Vitamix, leveraging Smartling's language services and Global Delivery Network, was able to launch more new products for their direct to consumer markets than ever before.
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Translation Isn't Blind: How to translate and localize multiple content types

During this episode, Brandon Fiegoli from Butterfly Network reveals how his team translated translated their entire product in six weeks.
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How Lyft Scaled Content for 8 Languages

During this webinar, join Smartling and Contentful to learn how investing in both technologies enabled Lyft to establish an infrastructure that is scalable across different content types, devices, and languages.
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Translation Isn't Blind: How to Launch New Languages

During this episode, Jessica Birenz from Yext reveals the key ingredients to her team's success as they localized marketing and product materials to scale their business globally.
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93 Hours to 35 Hours: How AdRoll cut their translating time by more than half