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Why Translators Should Adopt Cloud Translation

Cloud Translation Management Systems have revolutionized the entire translation process.
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Smartling Debuts Move the World with Words™ at Global Ready™ Conference

Translation software and services company spotlights translators and customers at annual conference.
Gabi Moore with Smartling on Language Services
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Tearing Down Industry Norms with Gabi Moore

Thought leader and seasoned Account Manager, Gabi Moore, explains what to look for to help ease the process of translating your projects.
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How Passion and Perspective Bring Language to Life

An interview with Oana, a freelance translator who lives in a small town near Toulouse, France.
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How One Translator Uses Technology to Travel Back in Time

An inside look at the life of Daniel, a freelance translator who lives in a rural village in Asturias, Spain.
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My dearest, Angelica

Why Hamilton’s comma put me on the edge of my seat
Smartling in the news. Press releases. News clippings and more.
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New Smartling Awards Program Recognizes Translator Excellence

The Smartling Translator Awards have been established to acknowledge the value and outstanding contributions made by freelancers and agencies.
Get the latest in localization research and trends.
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Translation: A Reliable Recipe for Business Growth

Learn how to shape a translation strategy that suits your audience and elevates your business.
Smartling's blog is the primary resource for thought leadership in localization.
About Localization

Ten Common Myths About Translation Quality

Many translation consumers resort to tactics that might seem logical to them, but can actually get in the way of ensuring the best translation quality.

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