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Translation Proxies Explained: The Power of The Global Delivery Network

Smartling's powerful Global Delivery Network translation proxy enables brands to launch content in new languages faster than any other solution.
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Why Translators Should Adopt Cloud Translation

Cloud Translation Management Systems have revolutionized the entire translation process.
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10 Ways To Know Your Business is Ready For a Translation Management System

Some of the more common indicators that it might be time for your brand to adopt a TMS.
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Six Ways Smartling is Leveraging Artificial Intelligence Right Now

Smartling is actively leveraging Artificial Intelligence to make your translations even better.
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When to Use Machine Translation (Webinar)

With Linn Hu, Sr. Solution Architect, and Chris Wyant, Sr. Manager of Smartling Language Services

Smartling Draft Launch (Webinar)

With Andrew Saxe, VP of Product, and Jeremy Shankle, Principal Engineer
Smartling's blog is the primary resource for thought leadership in localization.

Product Launch: Say Hello to Smartling Draft

Smartling Draft, a new tool that unifies the entire global content creation experience, is available today.
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Five Ways to Ramp Up Your Translation Quality

A closer look at how Smartling makes it easy to improve translation quality through the entire process.
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How Smartling Works

Looking to provide the best localized content possible? Here's how Smartling will to help do just that.
Smartling in the news. Press releases. News clippings and more.
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Smartling Announces Expanded Automation Capabilities at Global Ready Conference

Translation software and services company debuts new automation features and interface, increasing translation speed and cost savings.

Smartling 101

Get a peek into our approach to localization.
Smartling webinars. Learn best practices for localization from the experts.

InDepth Webinar: Reporting

The smartest way to manage translation is to understand what's happening with reports.
Get the latest in localization research and trends.
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10 Ways to Measure Translation ROI

Learn 10 ways brands can measure translation ROI, and five ways to measure the added ROI from using a translation management platform –
Smartling's blog is the primary resource for thought leadership in localization.
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Three Indicators of Customer-Centric Translation Software

Ways to know that translation software was built for customer needs.

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