You need to see it to believe it.

Finally. A CAT Tool that lets you actually see what you’re translating.

CAT Tool

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, outdated translation memories and email-based workflow.

Cloud Translation.

An experience engineered for today and tomorrow. Wherever life takes you, Smartling is ready.

Always communicating.

It’s your turn. Smartling lets you know when it’s time to translate or review work.

Always saving.

Never lose your work again. Translations are automatically saved in the cloud.

Always deploying.

New features are made available weekly and no installation is required.

You bring the skills. We bring the best workbench in the biz.

Rich with features so you can be rich in meaning.

Visual context

Preview translations on the web page, mobile app, or wherever they will live before submitting content. The language translation interface captures the exact page layout so you can translate in context.

Real-time, active translation memory

Sync and share across all your vendors in real-time. No more sharing outdated TMs every quarter.

Version control

When a new file is uploaded, only the new content is surfaced for translation. Smartling correctly pre-populates translation matches for everything else.

Brand assets

Know the tone and brand guidelines before diving head first into translations. The term base and style guide is always available.

Integrated quality checks

Real-time quality checks save time on proofreading. Catch errors in spacing, number formatting, tags, spelling, and more as you work.

50% faster with shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for every action. Select a profile from other CAT tools.

Merge strings

Consolidate multiple segments with a keystroke. Visualize, translate, and submit with fewer clicks.

Flexible tag handling

Automatic tag handling. Uses machine learning to accurately place tags - no more tag soup. Focus on translation, not tags.


Smartling continuously saves your work so you don’t have to, even if the internet connect is lost, or if the browser is closed.

Automatic Routing

Click submit when you’re done. Smartling automatically routes content to the next step in the workflow.

Pre-Programmed Quality Checks

Configured to reduce work and improve velocity

In effort to continously improve translation quality, Smartling measures every input and automatically surfaces errors when they are introduced. Customers can interpret historical data and tweak specific settings to achieve better outcomes over time.

Easily measured. Easily fixed.


Tags, placeholders, insertables, even emoji’s. Surface errors before they break a build.


Typos, extra spaces, repeated words. Errors happen. Smartling recommends action as the errors are introduced.

“I can use Smartling at any time, at any moment. I only need a good Internet connection, no need to use a PC and to install any software. That provides me with a lot of flexibility and improves my internal organization.”

– Translation and Localization User

Smartling Language Services powers translation for the most innovative businesses.

Business Smartling works with

All of your translation projects. All in one place.

Full visibility. Full control. Manage tasks and assignments within a cloud-based platform.

Agile translation for any platform.

Plug it in and plug away. Automate the translation process to convert content into any language.

Your goals. Our priority.

Best practices. Digital transformation. Strategy alignment. A dedicated Customer Success and Account Manager are focused on achieving your business objectives.

Managed Services: a white glove experience.

Vendor management. Personalized services. Ongoing training. With Managed Services, we take care of everything for you.